Biography of Tom Hanks

Published: 2023-03-14
Biography of Tom Hanks
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Tom Hanks was born in 10th April 1801 in Chicago in the United States of America. He was a Christian who firmly had his faith in God. Having an African American ethnicity, growing in Chicago America was a hard thing for him. In the period that he existed, it is evident that being a black person was quite hard to survive during that time. In the year 1819, when he was turning 18 years old, he was in high school in his academics. Moreover, it is after completion of his academics that he worked in several companies relating to the course that he had taken during his period in college doing a technical session in engineering.

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Some of the personal characteristics that Tom Hanks had that made him seem different from the others is being honest, understanding, trustworthy, loyal and even intelligent. On being honest, Tom Hanks had been brought up in a God-fearing family. This made him find salvation and live as a Christian. This can be reflected as the main reason as to why he got used to being honest about everything. Moreover, being raised in a God-fearing family, also it made him someone that everyone trusted. It is in the company that he used to work in that this trait of trustworthy made him get liked by many and even those in charge, thus trusting him with various big projects in the company.

Besides, his characters of being honest, trustworthy also contributed to making being loyal to everyone that they came together to do something about a task or a job that they did together. Additionally, his characteristic of intelligence can be related to the fact that he was well learned. This is due to the course that he did during his time in college. Tom Hanks was masculine tall and had a big body. His physical characteristics create a picture that shows how someone can have difficulty in getting to understand Tom Hanks, where when given a chance to, they find out that he is different from the way they thought of him. The reason for choosing such a real character of someone with such positive traits is to show how one cannot judge a book by its cover.

One of the historical events that took place during the period that Tom Hanks lived that also had an impact on his life was the Civil war in North America (Brauer, 1977). This war had a significant effect on Americans economy and also in negative ways that most of the citizens were affected. It is through the adverse impact that the war had that also Tom Hanks got affected in his healthy daily life. This war took place between the years of 1861 to 1865(John, 1948). The main war aim was to solve the issue of slavery. The battle took place between the North and South America. North America won the war and ended slavery making the United States one nation. However, looking at Tom Hanks, who is a black American, his life was at risk since he was a black man. The South Americans were fighting to continue with slavery business. However, North Americans were fighting to stop the slavery business. Therefore, Tom living in a free slave state, it is very evident that the southerners were hunting them. It is during this period that most of the blacks feared for their lives.

Additionally, in this period of slavery before the war, Abraham Lincoln, who was against slavery act, won the elections. Thus the issue of slavery escalating. The war also increased as a result of confederate claiming Fort Sumter (Turley, 2004). It is from this act that their action of attacking the federal garrison, that led to the rise of other battles that were fought in different parts of America in response to the militia attack. Some of the actions that took place during the time took place in Manassas junction in Virginia and the western mountains of Virginia. Therefore, having to look into the situation, Tom was affected both directly and indirectly. The reason is because of how a black man in such times had difficulties in surviving the harsh conditions of slavery. One way that Tom was affected by the issue is having to live in the shadows, fearing the fact of getting caught in by the rebels on the subject of slavery.

Moreover, when the war continued and became more intense, some blacks took part in aiding the North Americans in that they can get to earn their freedom after the North American win the war. The war also assisted in slaves breaking free and running away. Looking into the life of Tom, it is during this era of the war that, he lost most of his family members and those that they were close to him. His brother was caught up in the fight and was recruited to go and assist the northern army in the battlefield. His sisters and mother were abducted by the southerners and taken to South America, where they served as slaves. Tom was left alone, thus teaching himself ways to survive in such a harsh world that he found himself in. This is the main reason he used to hide in the shadows with other like-minded slaves that had escaped from their masters.

One of the primary sources is the Brooklyn Daily Eagle newspaper that talks of the issue of slavery that was existing between the North and South America on slavery. Mr Gantt who had attended a church ceremony had a great speech about slavery on how the war that had arisen during the time was because of indifferences that were present on the issue about slavery between the North and South America. The source gives insights on how the war was a serious issue that needed to be dealt with during the time. Thus, seeing the problem even get discussed in a church on the bases of finding peace, it is very evident that there was a need for people to find peace.

Therefore, looking at the issue of slavery, Mr Gantt insisted on the subject of slavery being the main issue that contributed to the war. Moreover, the source also gives more insights in showing how complicated was the effect on the lives of the slaves. Looking into the way the document is structured, the aim of the author tries to give an overview picture of how the situation during the time of war due to slavery was like. The overall purpose of the document also offers insights on how there was a need for peace between North and South America.

One of the quotes that can be retrieved from the source is that slavery was the sole cause of war and the war could not be ended until slavery is wholly extinct (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1864). This quote gives insights on how the war on slavery was at its pick during the time. It also shows how slavery at the time was an issue required to be dealt with to do away with slavery. Moreover, quoting Mr Gantt's words, "What is the cause of this war?" By asking such a question is very evident of how the war had taken over the place thus leading them to ask themselves many questions on the root cause of the war (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1864). Moreover, Mr Gantts asking such a problem, shows how the war had destroyed lives; thus, getting to the point where he saw the need to look for a solution to end the war.

Another quote that can be of importance on this issue is on the Negro question. "We will not take your guarantees, and we cannot risk this question under the constitution" (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1864). These are the words that were used by the southerners. Southerners used to fight for the freedom to continue with their slavery business. By saying this, they knew that taking the slavery issue under the constitution can never make them win on the subject. Thus, they fought against the act and allowance in carrying on with the slavery business. On the first two quotes, Tom can get to be challenged by the fact that, they both talk about the issue of slavery in that it is the leading cause of the war that was taking place at the time. Therefore, Tom being a black man, it is evident that he would face the music of being enslaved. However, he would have agreed with the perspectives of the people that said these in that they saw the issue of the war being slavery. Moreover, in the last quote, the effect of slavery not being considered in the constitution can be bad for Tom in that he had no rights that could shield him from the harassment and evilness that he went through as a slave. In such a situation, it is evident that he cannot have the same perspective as those of the southerners who did not see the need for the slaves to have rights.

One major historically relevant ethical dilemma that Tom has is the issue arriving at a decision. The war has led to some of his members to be taken by the southerners. This makes him feel the pain of losing his sisters and mother and more so t slavery that they are trying to run away from. Moreover, his brothers join the North American Army in fighting the South Americans on the issue concerning slavery. Having been torn between two, Tom becomes undecided on what decision to make. He is not sure of going after his sisters and mothers or joining the army to fight slavery due to the fear of dying during the battle. It is from these events that happen to Tom that leave him confused.

Moreover, it is the result of the war that he and others see it as an excellent opportunity to run away. His difficulty in making decisions on whether to support the North American soldiers in the war or look for his sisters make him a coward who seeks the most natural way out of the issue by running away. Therefore, it is correct to say that it is the war that has led to making Tom this coward that cannot even make decisions.

Tom sees it escape as the best solution for himself. However, given the fact that he has been serving as a slave for most of his entire life, one can say that he saw it as a chance to earn himself freedom and run from slavery. Given the harsh conditions that the slaves face, it is evident that many given a chance would also run away. Additionally, joining the army in North America and fight the southerners also can be linked to the fact that he feared for his life. He was not ready to lose it after getting a chance to go live a free life.

Given his historical background, he has grown up seeing his family members were slaves, from his grandparents to even his cousins. Therefore, despite being a slave, he did saw the goodness in abolishing the issue of slavery. However, he did not have an understanding that the fight must come from within and participated more so by the blacks themselves since they are the ones that felt much pain. However, having experienced the pain that one can have in losing those close to him has made him rigid in the fact that he cannot allow someone to hurt those that are close to him.

Tom understands himself despite being a slave who is always told and forced on everything that he does. This can be fetched from the fact that he ran away when he saw a chance from his master. Despite her mother and sisters were taken away, he had the thoughts of going and getting them even though he understood it would be hard. This shows that he understands the fact that family is essential and should always come first before others. However, despite being an open-minded person, Tom had still in hardship scenarios fund ways in getting out of problems. However, due to the war that had significantly impacted the people more so the slaves in a negative way by losing those close to them and others dying, many finding themselves in such cases can also be affected in their decision making.

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