Essay Example with a Reflection as a Nurse Facilitator

Published: 2022-09-22
Essay Example with a Reflection as a Nurse Facilitator
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"Recent literature in education and nursing education indicate that the current and future emphasis in the learning paradigm is and will be on having learners construct and create knowledge while faculty serves as designers, facilitators, coaches, guides, and mentors." p. 23

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Education today has evolved from teacher-centered learning to student-centered learning. Student-centered learning gives learners a chance to be self-explorative. The student acquires knowledge by connecting experience with new experience and concepts and eventually coming up with new meaning. The role of an education facilitator is to offer favorable guides and pathways that enable the student to develop new learning means and channels, also instructors help clarify learners past acquired knowledge, through active learning, facilitators facilitate learning in a favorable social environment, also they help asses learners acquired knowledge. Having this knowledge in mind as a nursing facilitator similar approaches need to be tapped and applied. Nurses are required to prepare nursing students to partake future roles, nurses' teachers have been assigned new roles; therefore, I am expected to play facilitator role to enable nursing students to build knowledge and skills needed to meet the new position of nurses in a healthcare organization. To play my role accordingly, I will initiate an interpersonal relationship with nursing student nurses to enable them to active participants in the learning process since they are needed to adapt to a clinical situation prepared in a manner, which will allow them to transmit smoothly to the high demands of nursing care.

To support the student nurses' change from class to a clinical background, I am needed to set a clinical learning environment with essential apparatus and simulation laboratory to depict the real hospital setting to promote active learning which enhances capability critical thinking and analysis and problem-solving skills among nursing students. Further, I will embrace teacher-centered design as a means of adopting new ideas, which has stronger attention on student-oriented towards memorization and abilities. I believe that students will benefit from this approach because the learning process will engage the intellectual efforts of both learners and me. My mission will be to prepare my students to acquire skills and ability to think critically to offer a safe healthcare environment and most effective patient-centered approach where they will be handling patient.

Students with variable learning styles

My goals as a facilitator

  • Develop long-life skills
  • Acquire information (concepts, facts, and, principles)
  • Learn how to utilize information and knowledge in new happenings

Teaching method

  • Small group learning
  • Clinical
  • Feedback
  • Project work

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