The Role of an Individual in Society Essay Sample

Published: 2018-04-05
The Role of an Individual in Society Essay Sample
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Influence of society on the individual

The way we evaluate and store received information regarding an environment makes us different since it leads to various decisions being made. Environmental behaviors also make us different since every aspect depends on an individual’s take. Decision-making cannot be based on just an individual since judging from one perception may not represent the entire group or population. The personal differences are attributed to the behavioral styles that influence the way persons are forced to change their lifestyles. One may have a positive view over something while another may perceive the same issue in a negative manner hence making the two different in opinions.

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When it comes to weather conditions, some may perceive an area to be hot while his or her counterpart may have the opinion of the same area being cold. The difference in their opinion make them different in ways of clothing. One may consider wearing warmer than the other and vice versa. Some noise in a particular area may be a serene environment to another person. That means an individual may not withstand the noise while the other one feels comfortable hence the two cannot be the same.

Regarding the residents of a place, an individual may find them to be friendly while the other person finds them hostile. That environmental perception make the two persons different and it becomes quite hard to convince the two to accept the fact as it. A certain environment may be used to doing a certain economic activity while on the same environment, another person may consider doing a different activity. That means there is a difference that may not be ruled out due to likelihood of disputes. The only solution to be sought involves accepting that we can never be the same and every opinion should be appreciated and respected.

The same can be depicted by the fact that even if many people witnessed a certain robbery and late get interviewed by the police officer, all of them shall seem to have observed the crime in different time since the description provided can never be exactly the same. Perception is usually subjective, creative, and active process whereby various interpretations are likely to be made. Evaluating the meaning of every opinion is usually at the discretion of the interviewer since environmental situations tend to be interpreted differently even where they rationally look to be similar.

It is important for people to understand that different opinions regarding an environment is never a disagreement but the respect of nature that should not be condemned. It is upon anybody’s right to interpret any situation or condition according to what one perceives as either wrong or correct. It should never be criticized since nobody is perfect and ones’ opinion which seems to be correct may be termed as wrong by the other party. Therefore, it becomes paramount to realize that the differences realized in the society based on environmental opinions are subject to variation and respecting them becomes the only option left for rational beings. Therefore, it is important to understand such differences.

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