Free Example of Diversity Essay

Published: 2017-11-21
Free Example of Diversity Essay
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Cultural diversity essay

The world has progressively developed to embrace diversity over the past decades. Heightened diversity has seen the rise of global citizenship whereby numerous people can relocate freely across the world. Appreciating diversity mainly involves respecting and acknowledging the uniqueness and differences of individuals. The differences can be perceived through various aspects such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, political ideologies, religious affiliation, and many more aspects that distinguish people. Additionally, the education system plays a significant role in promoting diversity.

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It is worth noting that the Society is the umbrella that allows diversity to flourish. My educational experience has enabled me to understand and acknowledge the differences among individuals. The experience gave me the assurance that I can pursue anything that I want despite the perception that might be present in the society regarding differences. I grew up in a suburban town where most of the families were upper-class white households. Therefore, the prevalent setback was my gender as I set out to pursue a technical course. I recall my first flying lesson; I walked into a classroom full of older men, all who were mesmerized by my decision to take up flying lessons. I was the only girl amongst 15 men. In synopsis, fewer women are taking up flying courses compared to their male counterparts.

Why is diversity important

I can acknowledge my educational experiences as one of the contributing factors to the motivation towards becoming a private pilot. As a woman in aviation, I believe that I am promoting diversity in an area that is male-dominated. My career depicts that gender does not constrict professional choices. By being a pilot girl, I tend to take part in all tasks; even the most demanding to ensure that I am not perceived to be weak just because I am from an opposite gender. Also, I am a leader in various sections in campus and hence, showing that girls can also be depended upon when it comes to leadership. Most of my friends look up to me as their role model when it comes to achieving their dreams. Some of them have become passionate in their studies; especially the sciences whereby a good number of them are planning to venture in engineering and also become pilots as me. From a personal viewpoint, it is important to bring or rather motivate women to take part in the field of aviation as it’s a lucrative field. The same perspective applies to other technical fields that the society perceives to be technical for women. The areas are not gender specific and therefore, women should be encouraged to venture in them.

In conclusion, the education system plays a significant role in promoting diversity. As a result, diversity is an essential aspect of promoting peace and fruitful interaction among individuals. From a personal perspective, promotion of diversity allows people to embark on careers or fields without any hurdles as a result of their various backgrounds.

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