Paper Example. Bargaining Settlements

Published: 2023-08-21
Paper Example. Bargaining Settlements
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The article Collective Bargaining explains why there should be a system of solving problems between a worker and an employer to avoid significant conflicts and disagreements. It states that having bargaining settlements prevents the employer from giving harsh judgment to the employee during a battle ("Collective Bargaining: Definition, Types, Features, and Importance," 2020). The employer feels protected and can do their work well

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Current Wage Rates For HR Assistant Job

I chose the article by Stephanie Rodrigues because it breaks down the cost of living in the city. It lists all the essential services one needs to survive in Brooklyn and states the prices (Rodriguez, 2020). for instance, median housing costs $765100, or $900 rent if you are living with roommates but in your room, rental insurance of $10, $50 for utilities, $30 if you split it with roommates,$75 for cellphone, $116 transportation,$15 for laundry,$328 health insurance, $ personal care, and cleaning$200 miscellaneous,$100 for entertainment,$100 for savings and $250 to pay off debt (Rodriguez, 2020). One needs approximately $2425.50 to afford essential services and even not lead a very comfortable life (Rodriguez, 2020). The data show the importance of increasing wage rates.

Health Care Costs

The best source to explain the coverage of healthcare costs by a company for its employees is the article by Elizabeth Ballou, which explains why employees should offer health insurance and other employee benefits (Ballou, 2020). It states that health insurance motivates workers to put in more work since they know the company values them. It also says that companies should take responsibility for their worker's health because they spend most of their time at work. Again the salary will not be enough if they pay for everything (Ballou, 2020).

Pension Benefit Plans

The best source that discusses the importance of pension plans that you can use to ask for the project is the article workplace pension plans by the financial services commission of Ontario. It states that one may live the same number of years after retirement as they have during working. During the years they will have to pay bills, and it is only fair that they save money to use during the period (Workplace pension plans, 2020).


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