Starving Out Hunger: A Day without Food, Personal Experience Essay

Published: 2022-03-03
Starving Out Hunger: A Day without Food, Personal Experience Essay
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People skip food for different reasons, and the consequences of such actions vary depending on the person and situation. In my case, I decided to fast for a day as a means to control my weight. Primarily, it was meant to be a commencement of a continuous process in a way to deal with weight problems once and for all. In this respect, I hoped that I would get the best health check approach from a strategy that I could afford and sustain. Nonetheless, it turned out problematic since I did not do it often although I picked several valuable lessons.

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Even if the experience was exciting, I faced adjustment challenges. Undoubtedly, I found it hard to spend an entire day without eating, and it was a habit. This way, I found it hard to conform to the situation in a way to allow my and body accept and adapt to the abrupt change. In fact, it was no surprise that I frequently thought that I had taken the wrong path toward a health improvement objective that I critically needed. However, I remained focused since I had vowed that I wouldn't take anything irrespective of how I would feel.

The experience affected my day by leaps and bounds. For instance, I couldn't concentrate on anything. Also, I found it hard to communicate or perform ordinary chores correctly due to loss of energy and changed mindset. In this respect, I underperformed in my daily obligations since I wasn't used to such demanding scenarios. Nevertheless, I learnt that hunger is a mystery. As such, it dawned on me that people make so many assumptions about those lacking food but the conditions that they go through are unfortunate, depressing, and very far from the realities that they should be going through every day. In particular, my perception about hunger changed and realized that it is important to respond immediately and appropriately when people request for assistance if suffering from hunger.

In concurrence to Janiszewski (2011), the world's perception about hunger is mysterious; in fact, a significant proportion of the population does not have adequate knowledge about the experience hence the low reaction rates when people require assistance. More so, and Migala (2014) highlights, it is vital to prioritize hunger-related emergencies, and the best way is for nations to set aside relief fund and food reservoirs to improve their response strategies in case a need arises. Apparently, the reactions of those around me when fasting were somewhat different; while some perceived it as a real means to an end, others thought that it could not work and it is a misplacement of ideas. Nonetheless, I had to stick to my promise of going through everything until the close of the day.

Regarding the effectiveness of the method, it is essential to note that despite the numerous lessons that one can learn, it is not practical for a one-day engagement to change anything. Hence, the only way to enhance efficiency is through a lengthy exercise while incorporating other aspects such as adequate exercise, improved eating habits, and counsel from a nutritional expert. Undoubtedly, this experience will no doubt affect my reaction in the future. Reason being, it highly transformed my thoughts not only about fasting but also about knowledge about hunger and response mechanisms.

In summation, it is important to reiterate that people fast due to different reasons. While my case was primarily for a weight check, others do the same since they do not have sufficient to consume or for religious purposes among other motives. Nevertheless, I came to realize that lack of food is a mysterious occasion that can make a person dull the entire day. Also, if a person hasn't been used to such experiences, it is very challenging to cope with the situation due to adjustment challenges.


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