Free Essay with Speeches Analysis - Getting to know Tamika Greene and Donald Trump Speech

Published: 2020-06-10
Free Essay with Speeches Analysis - Getting to know Tamika Greene and Donald Trump Speech
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Getting to know Tamika Greene

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The speech was made by Kelly Mills on 17 September 2015 and intended to introduce a Prezi presentation about Tamika Greene. The speech meets the objectives should introduce the Prezi presentation to the audience. However, the most important part of a prezi is the unpredictability of its content. The speaker relays all the contents of the prezi before indulging in the Prezi. In this case, the best approach would be to introduce the prezi presentation as briefly as possible to stir the curiosity of the audience making them more interested in the prezi. Once the speakers introduce the prezi by giving its content, then the need to present the prezi is eliminated since the audience already know what it contains. The introductory speech, therefore, does not play its intended purpose thereby failing to pass the message.

The introductory speech does not use visual aids, which is a good thing since it needs to be brief. The speaker fails to introduce the prezi presentation appropriately by hooking the audience to the presentation. The speech also does not have anything memorable such as a short story, an idiom, joke, or anything. Instead of a memorable and enthusiastic speech, the speaker just lists the contents of the prezi. The mode of presentation is not favorable to the audience who seem to have an interest in knowing more about Tamika Greene. The speakers role would have been complete had he used the visual presentation to communicate to the crowd instead of listing the contents of the presentation to the audience. Thus, the speaker relays the content of the speech in its introduction thereby nullifying the later parts of the speech and reducing the effect of the introduction for the audience.

Donald Trump presidential announcement speech

The Speech was made by the United States 2016 Presidential candidate, Donald Trump on June 16, 2015. The speech main objective is to announce to Americans that Donald Trump was in the presidential race and relay what the presidential aspirant will do for the country when he is elected. Trump is introduced by his daughter who makes the necessary hook welcome his father on the podium. Miss Trump heaps praise on his father listing his tremendous achievements to the enthusiastic Trump supporters outside the Trump Tower in New York. The Introductory segment does its purpose as expected since it hooks the audience to the main speech by Trump.

The speaker uses humor as a major theme when expressing his desire to serve the nation. Some of the humor is, however, upbeat for instance when he says that his fellow candidates do not know about an air conditioner as he does and are therefore incapable of winning the ISI. However, the speaker passes his dreams of America and relay his stands on different sectors of the country such as the economy, immigrants, terror, and health care. In the speech, the speaker is particularly boisterous which hinders the perception of the message to the audience. The speaker boasts of his vast wealth and superiority over other candidates overlap the main objective of announcing his presidency. While ideologies and beliefs should be at the forefront as a reason for his election as the president, the speaker uses most of his time boasting about his wealth and business achievements. Such messages make his wealth appear as if it is the only reason he wants to be elected president. Visual aids in the speech used are in the form of the national flag and a big poster of the candidate and complemented with other artistic features such as humor, sarcasm, and satire.


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