Essay Example: Authorized Access to Under the "Security Testing" Exception to Copyright Law

Published: 2023-11-19
Essay Example: Authorized Access to Under the "Security Testing" Exception to Copyright Law
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Security testing gives an individual an exception to copyright law hence having the privilege of accessing a computer or a network to perform specified tasks. Security testing is a process in which various mechanisms are used to identify flaws in the security of the information system to ensure efficient data protection and maintain functionality as intended (Potter & McGraw, 2004). Copyright law provides data security and safety through limiting access, whereby only authorized individuals can access or use the data. However, an exception is made for security testing procedures aimed at improving data security and safety. A user who has been permitted to access a computer or a network under the security testing exception is solely authorized for good-faith testing, identification of security flaws and vulnerabilities, investigation, and correction of any weaknesses by the operator or owner or operator of the computer, computer network or computer systems.

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Permissible Acts of Security Testing are per the copyright law provisions, which gives the exception for a user to be permitted to engage in the process of security testing. The user is expected to get permission to access the computer or the network from the owner to carry out procedures that are aimed at testing the security of the entity and coming up with measures for promoting safety and security. The user must attain permission to access and use the computer or network before undertaking security testing. The user is expected to utilize the information gathered from security testing to improve data safety and ensure that it is maintained in a manner that does not facilitate infringement or lead to the violation of privacy or breach of security. The user is also permitted to use new and viable technological means for security testing, which entails developing, producing, distributing, and employing technical ways with the sole purpose of performing acts of security testing.

"Computers as Storage Devices" Cybercrimes

Computers are usually the most significant devices that are used in carrying out cybercrimes. Computer crime schemes are classified according to the role that the computer plays in these criminal activities. The purpose of computers as storage devices entails the use of computers in unlawful activities involving the use of the computer as a passive storage medium for storing materials for or used in cybercrimes. Examples of cybercrimes that can be committed under the category of "computers as storage devices" include using a computer in the store of pirated commercial software, using a computer to store underage pornographic materials, and using a computer to store stolen credit card information.

The computer's use in the storage of pirated commercial software – Software piracy is a rising cybercrime whereby computers are used to copy illegally, store, and distribute software. When an individual purchases a software package, the end-user license agreement protects the software program from copyright infringement; hence when this software is copied and stored in a computer illegally, it constitutes a cybercrime. Cybercrime entails storing software that one has acquired unlawfully, thus making the computer a device for the storage of cybercrime products.

Using a computer to store underage pornographic materials – Underage pornography is a crime; hence, using computers to store minor pornographic materials makes the computer a device for cybercrime activities under the storage device category.

Using a computer to store stolen credit card information – Cybercrimes involve copying and saving credit card information without the owner's consent. Therefore, the use of computers to store such information makes the computer a storage device used in cybercrime.


Potter, B., & McGraw, G. (2004). Software security testing. IEEE Security & Privacy, 2(5), 81-85.

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