Free Essay Sample: Is Technology Taking Over

Published: 2018-02-16
Free Essay Sample: Is Technology Taking Over
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Technology Has Taken Over Our Lives

The world we live in is so much bombarded by technology, and the manner in which technology has taken over our lives is just unimaginable. The technological world is so rich that it has crouched into every aspect of our lives. I share Izzy's views in various ways from the dependence on the weather app in my phone to plan how I dress for the day. Just like me, and many other people, we might spend more time online than we do in real life, offline. We breathe technology, from newsfeeds to entertainment, from emails to social networking or connecting to people to reading online. We depend on technology so much that we forget the real world sometimes. The social network in this era is such a big deal that we cannot do without as long as social network sites and apps exist. Social networking hinders social interaction. The reason is that most people spend more time online as compared to the time they spend with family or friends. Most people think that the more friends they have on Facebook, or followers on Twitter or Instagram the more social they are. Sometimes, people who have numerous friends or followers online are the loneliest in real life. The social network has, with no sense of doubt, widened the scope of interaction and connected many people, on the digital platform. Therefore, face-to-face interaction is slowly dying.

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It’s Not About You

Social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others have made people more narcissistic. The reason is that they make people think so much about themselves than the third parties. They post photos of something like food as they do not care about what others had for lunch. These sites make people rely on themselves and think that everything is always about them. So much reliance on social sites has let the love and attention of the people one cares about pass by because of this egotistic and self-loving ideology. When people, for instance, seek love and appreciation online, it is mostly about the individual and not the second or third party. It widens one’s scope in understanding others, leadership, and the power that comes with just putting yourself aside and building other people’s competence and character. So, as technology drives us into almost everyday decisions, it’s important to push it aside and realize the importance of people around you. Sometimes, it is about them and not just you.

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