Free Essay Containing Art History Reading Comprehension

Published: 2018-01-19
Free Essay Containing Art History Reading Comprehension
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Iskin article

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In what way, does Ruth Iskin present the idea that Manet’s painting is about mass consumption?

The impressionists and the avant-garde painting of Manet, from its cultural history of modernity shows distinctive interrelations with discourses of mass consumption. It is evident that art has not only been for sale in exhibits shows but rather considered a bazaar good. Art has widely been used as an advertisement tool in departmental stores and as a display of industrial goods.

After reading the article, do you believe that Manet’s painting was also commenting on the nature of art itself in the 1880’s, explain why or why not?

Manet presents a clear picture that art was a common phenomenon across different departmental stores, industrial goods and prominent commercial enterprises. Display of goods and commodities used artistic features to attract the attention of mass public. The reason as to why Manet’s painting is considered to have commented on nature of art was to support the evolution of art.

Biome essay

How does Boime relate Starry Night to the Universal Exposition of 1889?

The Universal Exposition of 1889 based on Le Tour Eiffel in Paris, France is one of the many exposition of the time that Boime founded important to include in his writings. Boime present this universal exposition as a turning point of artistic work that had been done before, the present of lighting in the tower and a telescope were all new features that witnessed transformative approach in ancient art.

To what extent do you find Boime’s thesis convincing that Starry Night has a broad social and historical context?

Boime’s thesis supports Starry Night rich social and historical experiences through the various expositions that are presented throughout the essay. Boime present a chronological exposition on developments on both social and historical contexts. The various historical examples presented in throughout the essay contribute a huge support to Boime’s thesis.

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