Contemporary Electrotherapy Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-03
Contemporary Electrotherapy Essay Sample
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Electrotherapy has become a common practice in the current generation. The method involves using electric current to adjust how human organs appear and function. The two electrotherapy treatment methods that are popular in most clinical settings include body pressure therapy and Chromatherapy. The two process employs unique machines which the therapist must understand before putting them into use. A holistic approach toward the study of the methods will help to identify and to understand the characteristics and requirements of each treatment method.

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Body Pressure Therapy

Also called pressotherapy, or pressure massage, body pressure therapy is an effective way of correcting the human body using pneumatic procedures that assist one to cope with muscular, venous, blood and lymph circulatory issues.

How Body Pressure Equipment Works

Despite the different type of body massaging machines, the working principles in all of them are the same. The device starts with the regular supply of pressure into the muscles which in turn stimulates the natural way of blood or lymph pumping. The overall effect is the improved system of circulation for the two fluids. The components of the machine, sleeves, and compressor play a distinct role in the process. The compressor blows air into the pneumatic sleeves that are rolled to enclose the limbs undergoing treatment in a circular manner. The boot is double-walled and comprises different compartments.

The pressure in supply fills the compartment at different stages depending on the requirements of the systems. When air fills the sleeves, the machine emits a series of matched manipulations centripetally. The centripetal motion of the pressure facilitates draining of the limb fluid. This action promotes the flow of venous and lymph material from the ankles to the upper thighs.

Specific Conditions for Use

Conditions for the use of the machine fall into two categories. Experts recommend the use of these machines on patients with diseases like post-operative, lymphoedema and venous oedema. Clients with intentions to improve the elasticity of their skins and promote muscle relaxation will benefit most from this type of therapy.

However, for the effective performance of the process, like most of the medical equipment, body pressure therapy machines must be in their appropriate medical working conditions. The accessories should comprise of easy-to-clean and resilient material. The organ under treatment is covered by a bandage. The sleeve fitment of the machine has a rigid sole that ensures inwards compression exerted towards the foot. This motion maximizes the drainage of the fluid, and the boots are correctly fitted onto the limbs to facilitate treatment.

Specific Contra-Indications for Body Pressure Therapy

Skin infections-Skin infection has a varying effect depending on how the infections manifest. Bruises, blisters, and scars on the skin prevents smooth massages to the client. The diseases cause pain to the clients during the operations. However, a body therapy expert can choose to avoid the places with such injuries and carefully massage their peripheral.

Inflammatory arthritis-The condition pauses a challenge due to the extreme pain it causes during the process. Therapy on the client with arthritis inflammation must get the approval of the medical doctor before undergoing body therapy. Experts who intend to perform the treatment must ensure the client never moves his/her joints during the procedure. Relaxing the muscle creates more joint space making the operation to trigger less pain.

Severe varicose Vein-The condition causes danger during the process because of its effect of creating counter-directional flow of blood when the patient is taking messages. The implication is that the state opposes the action of the therapy which leads to more vein's failure. If the process is to take place, precaution includes the only messaging area that are a distance from the locations of threads.

Myocardial-This condition blocks the flow of blood to the muscles of the heart. Since body pressure therapy has a general effect of lowering blood pressure, the prevalence of myocardial endangers the patient. The danger arises from the combined lower impact of blood flow to the heart that results from pressing the muscles over the cordial arterials.

Recent thrombosis-Prevalence of the condition requires a direct halt to body pressure therapy. The clots due to thrombosis prevent smooth flow of blood. Also, the clot might move towards the heart causing an attack, or even walk to the lungs and block blood vessels. The worst case is when the therapy forces the clot to reach the brain, in which case the patient will suffer from a stroke.

Severe heart, respiratory and kidney failure-Failure of the heart leads to ineffective pumping of blood throughout the body. Poor functioning results from the effect of pressing the blood vessels during the operation due to the existence of respiratory failure cause hindrance to the effective passage of oxygen to body parts resulting from the impact of pressing the area around the lungs during body therapy. Kidney failure will result in poor elimination of body wastes as a result of pushing the necessary channels. Due to the effects of the three conditions, it is advisable not to perform pressure therapy to clients with the cases.

Acute inflammation-The condition restricts massaging of the body section that has the inflammation due to severe pain the patient experience during the process. Arthritis manifest in swollen red and hot spots. Local message counters what the body immune system tries to heal. However, an experienced therapist can locate peripherals to the affected area where he/can do the message without harming the patient.

Cardiovascular disorders and high Blood pressure-In cases of cardiovascular complications, the patient should avoid lying flat during the massage, and the therapist should adjust the message to suit the patient. A weak heart and blocked arteries are dangerous to the client because the process counters blood circulation. Despite the effect of the process of lowering blood pressure, the process is not good for patients with high blood pressure. The process only continues under great care because of the sudden eminent drop in blood pressure during the process the require support when getting off the massage table. This support avoids falling or extreme cases of passing out. It is necessary to keep the process on the mild to lighter sides.

Special Care Requirements for The Body Pressure Therapy

Production of Pressotherapy machines depends on the existing conditions in the client's systems. The machine work by directing pressure into blood vessels leading to a rise in the amount of bloodstream. The overall target effect is the rise in arterial blood pressure by up to 20mm Hg. Therefore, for effective working of the therapy, three special conditions should exist in the body of the client. The requirements include; an average of 120mm Hg arterial pressure, an average of 40mm Hg venous pressure, and an average of 20mm Hg lymphatic pressure.

The rise in the conditions endangers clients with disorders in the regulation of blood pressure like heart or kidney failure. The therapist should take precautions to manage the sudden drop of blood pressure that results from muscle relaxation on the parasympathetic system.

Contra-actions to Body Pressure Therapy

Contra-actions refer to the occurrence of reaction either during or immediately after treatment. During the process of body pressure therapy, many actions result negatively. Some of the primary contra-actions sign in the process include eyes producing tears, the negative reaction of the skin, chronic perspective and over erythematic. The clients may also exhibit rashes on the surface, swelling of the organ under treatment and continuous itching effect. Body therapy has a potent diuretic effect and can also increase the output of urine. Too much pressure during the process can result in bruising and thread veins.

Some clients exhibit signs feeling hot, while others have indications of shivery. During the self-healing process, the two effects result from adjustment blood pressure due to muscle stimulation and relaxation. Among others, these indications will call for a curative treatment to counter the effects of the therapy. Doctors record adverse cases of these occurrences for correction of future incidents.

Benefits of Body pressure therapy

The design purpose of body pressure machines is to improve blood circulation and lymph flow by enhancing extra-cellular fluid clearance. As a result, the process helps in prevention of stagnation of flow of blood flow in veins and capillaries, prevention of deep thrombosis. The two effects are vital in enhancing the performance of athletes. The devices also aid in the reduction of blotting, eliminating fatigue in human arm and legs and improving the distribution of oxygen to every part of the body.

The process helps in reducing the capillary distention and facilitates drainage of lymphatic products. This process is vital in alleviating the swelling of legs, a common condition in ladies. Experts encourage the use of the process for pregnant women due to its effect of reducing premenstrual edema. Pressure therapy also helps in immediate leg lightness and comfort.

Effects of Pressotherapy

One of the cumulative impacts of the process is that it aids in body and mind relaxation. Experts postulate that massage therapy decreases cortisol levels in the body enabling the body to start a recovery mode triggering a prolonged feeling of improved mood. The treatment also results in a reduction of the stress level. Regular massages boost the level of energy and stimulate individual on both emotional and physical levels. The process also improves body profiling and shaping and reduces poor skin characteristics like the tone and reduced sagging of eyes.

Some of the minimal side effects of the therapy are vomiting and nausea, especially after lymphatic and messages. In some cases, bruising of the skin occurs in some locations when the therapist applies firm pressure. If the client has diabetes, lymphatic messages attack blood sugar leading to an imbalance of the same. This fluctuation harms the client urgent corrective measures fail to happen within a timeline. Other rare side effects include damage to tissues, change of blood flows, and heart arrhythmias.

Aftercare and Homecare Advice

For an adequate performance of the body pressure therapy, the patients should observe some rules after undergoing body pressure therapy. The patients should ensure they maintain the activeness of their body muscles. This requirement forces them to undertake regular physical exercise. The patients should also avoid garters cloths that hold tightly onto their bodies. They should also develop a method of making sure that prevent a state of immobility for more extended periods. However, the practice required of the patients also depends on the type of condition the therapy was working. For instance, in the case of the oedemic state, the patients should ensure gentle and regular massages.

Other practices include avoiding direct heat on legs, wearing appropriate footwear. The patients should also shun from smoking habits, prevent the use of caffeine and consumption of alcohol. Generally, a balanced diet mixed with daily fluid intake.

Benefits and Effects of Contemporary Electrotherapy

Circulatory system-Regular massage therapy necessitates ferrying of rich blood supply to the damaged, tense and stiff muscles. Message generate phycological benefits on the circulatory system. The process stimulates the circulation of body fluids between tissues promoting the exchange of substances between system cells.

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