Free Essay: Arguments Favouring Law Prohibiting Sale of Organ

Published: 2023-09-27
Free Essay: Arguments Favouring Law Prohibiting Sale of Organ
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  • In the extreme view, desperate circumstances can make people martyr themselves to save their families, and also, there is a need for a law to prevent the sale of organs for frivolous reasons.
  • The prohibition is attainable, credit to the new computerized national registry.
  • The prohibition is likely to detect and respond to inauthentic donors' and recipients' assertions; for instance, the formulated policies can recognize forged documents and medical referrals.

Arguments against Law Prohibiting Sale of Organ

  • The prohibition opposes people's free will to sell their kidneys to other persons.
  • The prohibition law can discourage appropriate donors, thus causing kidney shortages for transplantation.
  • Organ sale is a moral issue where doctors are reluctant to adhere to the law by, for instance, seeking consent from the next of kin.

Government’s Responsibilities in the Control of Organ Sales

The governments have the right or the responsibility to formulate laws monitoring the sale of organs. The legal framework is crucial in allowing donors as well as recipients to make an informed decision on this matter of medical and moral significance. According to the article, there are about 1,600 transplants every year, and about 3,600 patients are on the waiting list. The assertion implies that at stake are thousands of patients who rely on suitable donors. On the contrary, the authors of the article allude that some donors may sell organs for flavorous reasons. A legal framework is necessary to control and institute ethical backgrounds that support organ transplants. Notwithstanding this, stringent regulations are adequate for restricting the donor's use of organ transplants for the alleviation of financial standings. According to the article, the authors maintain that the system where doctors simply question foreign donors is hardly foolproof. Thus, a properly monitored market can considerably reduce or destroy the black organ market.

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Strategies to Encourage Organ Donations

One of the most significant ways the government can utilize to encourage people to donate organs is through instituting legislation in support of automatic donation upon death. For effective implementation of the strategy, the government can establish a framework where suitable donors sign formal agreements allowing their organs to be transplanted after death. The approach is beneficial since it can allow the recipients to live healthier and fuller lives through the usage of organs which would be otherwise unutilized. However, just like in Belgium, doctors can approach the next of kin during their bereavement period for their consent of transplant in case of unregistered donor. Another strategy is monetary compensation. According to the article, there is little risk in one kidney donation; thus, the method is appropriate to empower an impoverished seller to indulge in a few good things in life. However, financial incentives can open the organ market to corruption and abuses.

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