Argumentative Essay Example of Children's Rights

Published: 2022-05-27
Argumentative Essay Example of Children's Rights
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Every human being must enjoy certain merits that will enable them thrive, for instance the children's must enjoy the merits from justice, freedom and Peace. Children must naturally enjoy the human rights for their prosperity, the children are also not informed and therefore they deserve adequate love. Children should enjoy certain rights for them to thrive like for instance, right to food, shelter, good health, good education, expression, right to expressions, and many more. Child rights when given considerations, dignity and prosperity then the children will prosper since they will be the basic tools needed for their thriving in life. This paper argues and gives the stand on whether the children are given the due tools for their thriving.

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Poor parents do not avail enough tools for thriving. The experience that I have gathered all through shows that many children are not going to school, yet the one of the tools for thriving is the education. Research shows that most children are from the poor parents. The parents force them to go to work. The researches show that the parents of low class level give birth in large numbers and managing the children becomes difficult. When they fail to manage the children they end up compelling the children to go work with the aim of getting pay to sustain the family, this is a confirmation that the children are not given enough tools to thrive in their life. A case example is that the problem is very common in Nepal.

Most parents do not offer balance diet and proper care. Parents have either had their children undergoing malnutrition or under nutrition ( Iwaniec, 34). The case example is that the street children and orphans are not offered desired conditions. The street children are not offered good food to sustain their health. These two essentials are the tools needed for them to thrive in their life, and therefore some aids are needed. Most of these street children beg on the street, walking from door to doors trying to get their daily need and for that reason they can get time to focus on thieving. At night the children lacks desirable shelters to lay their backs on and for that reason they end up spending the night on the pavement, temples and the public places. Poor children are also given worse conditions when they work for rich people as servants. The poor children either work as house boys or house girls in developed towns. Alternatively the children are taken to the hotels and factory to work as cheap laborers in a worse condition. Instead of going to school the children have miserable conditions that they cannot define their lives. This is another evidence of children whose rights have been deprived that suffers as other rich children define their success in school.

Another aspect of a thriving environment that parents need to offer their children apart from food and health is the environment of care and love. The children growing up today face more challenges everyday more than ever especially when they are out door spending their time. They see the everyday crime, violence, immorality and all the negative things that happen around the world. It is the responsibility of the parents to guide them through such circumstance by showering them with the love and attention that they need. They need the care of parents and the ability to find answers to some of the life challenging questions. However, most parents are pre occupied with work and are not keen enough to give most children the love and care that they deserve. This in turn makes the children grow up confused and lacking answers to some of the challenges that they face in everyday life.

On the contrary, some parents to provide the best environment for children to prosper. Despite the challenges that they may face in trying to accord their children the best education, food and nutrition and proper health care, parents go out of their way to ensure that their children receive these basic needs. Studies have shown that most parents have been able to demonstrate that there is no clear cut relationship between poverty and parenting ( Katz et al, 37). Katz and other explain that despite the difficulty in poverty which comes in form of stress and depression, parents have gone ahead to find ways and means of ensuring that their children get the basic needs.

In conclusion, it can be establish from a larger percentage that most parents have not provided a thriving environment for their children to prosper. Most have not been able to provide their children with basic needs such as food and health care. The demands of work have also made parents not give their children attention and love that they need during growth. Most have also not been able to provide their children with the chance for education which in the contemporary society is increasingly becoming important. Despite all these, there are parents who still go against the grain to accord their children basics even in poverty.

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