The Medical Profession Research - EssayExample

Published: 2019-10-07
The Medical Profession Research - EssayExample
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The medical profession is an outstanding career in the society, and there is the necessity of ensuring that the practitioners work as a team to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out their duties. However, one of the major hurdles that discourage the professionals from maintaining togetherness and understanding is workplace intimidation. I agree with the assertion that medication prescribers and physicians should work without intimidation and condensation because these are among the primary factors that lead to dissatisfaction and thus, a higher amount of reported errors. It is true that up to 49% of the respondents had concerns about the prescriptions, but because they have to obey orders, they had no option apart from following them. Also, even if some of the respondents had been involved in committing errors, it is because they feared seeking advice from their seniors due to the high levels of intimidation.

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The best strategy to mitigate the errors is to work as a team and ensure that once an error has been noted, irrespective of ones position, be reported and corrected in time. Additionally, the one who had given the prescription should not feel ashamed, as everybody is prone to making a mistake (Rice, 2015). Therefore, maintaining healthy relationships should start with understanding one another and developing a culture of teamwork as this is the best way of mitigating unnecessary errors. The teamwork culture will enable the pharmacists to contact the prescribers and look for alternative medication in case of a mistake. This will lessen the possibility of the pharmacists carrying out private research as they fear questioning orders that have already been given by their seniors or departments. Mutual interactions between the prescribers and the pharmacists are paramount in the medical profession as it gives the professionals a chance of sharing ideas, thus coming up with a viable solution on what should be done to counter an emerging problem.

The findings are factual, and they represent real life situations because the lack of coordination and the spirit of teamwork will result in impatience with questions, thus the use of intimidation and condensing language. If one is corrected on the prescriptions, there is a possibility of using strong verbal language as expressed by 48% of the respondents. Once that abusive language has been used even in our daily lives, it will be difficult for us to correct the person in question the next time, hindering the possibility of creating a culture of teamwork. From the analysis, it is true that the spirit of workplace intimidation will lead to low levels of performance and lack of coordination and collaboration. This means that for the healthcare professionals to work efficiently, they should embrace the culture of teamwork and ensure that they take all forms of corrections positively. Apart from creating the culture of teamwork, another strategy that can be used to mitigate cases of use of abusive language and intimidation increasing the level of interactions amongst them (Grissinger, 2011). For instance, they can be taken for a team bonding sessions where everybody can freely interact with one another irrespective of their positions (duties and responsibilities). After this has been affected, they will end up exchanging contacts and even being free with one another. As a result, once its has been noted that the prescriber had made an error, it will be possible to have a direct communication instead of using the formal way. The official means of communication may be considered as a form of intimidation and therefore, should be avoided as much as possible. This means that correcting one another should be done in a friendly manner (informal).


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