Are We Too Dependent on Computers? Argumentative Essay Example

Published: 2019-09-13 09:10:36
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The authors main purpose when writing this argumentative essay is to create awareness among the targeted audience about the extents to which the usage of computers might be considered as dangerous, even if they are important to all of the humanity in various fields.

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In the essay, he is hoping to change excessive dependency on computers for studying purposes, social interactions, especially with students, and show them that learning through experience and with books has a higher impact in shaping critical thinking and building knowledge.

There are certain obstacles that the author has come across in the essay, including the fact that computers are key technology equipment that can be found in many areas and people are being encouraged to make use of them. The author might be against excessive dependency on computers but to some people, computers are the only option they ever think of because its available.

However, the author still provides alternative solutions to avoid the audiences over dependency on computers. These alternatives are books, which people can use to obtain information. It's certainly arguable that the author has not successfully coped with all the obstacles in the essay. Up to some degree, it is impossible to keep computers away from the users since they are crucial in development.

The author employs logical approaches to convince the audience on over dependency on computers. He reasons that since computers are in all sectors of development including schools, the higher chances are that people always have access to them. His arguments are based on facts, " the screens of these computers come along with disadvantageous health issues that hamper peoples development in real life.

He argues that We spend less time with people since we would rather talk to someone online. But is this entirely true? Since people also have social functions now and then which are organized for people to interact with each other in the real world. However, this argument may be effective to those people who always prefer to be indoors.

The author also says that Books are present in our world from many centuries in different forms and shapes of books are changing with time." In this case, he is showing the target audience how books have been passed on throughout past generations and therefore they are highly reliable as sources of information.

The reason the author wrote this text is that he overlooked the multiple benefits that computers have among people and realized that it's necessary for people to be cautious when interacting with them, as they also can be dangerous if used in excess. At the end of his essay, he says "Let us be aware of using these computers."

The kind of people the essay would appeal to are students and researchers. That is because they are mostly involved with computers as they are studying or carrying out researches about various topics. "when a student inputs the text, He couldn't except the package. Spelling checker will not identify the, accept should be used, as except is properly spelled." By making a reference to the student and the above scenario, its clear about the audience that the author intends to communicate. This experience is evident that he has succeeded in making this argument.

The author is driving his rhetorical argument towards a cautious conclusion. As he says ... Chinese scientists consider the Internet and computer addiction to be a serious psychological problem." According to my analysis, the author has successfully communicated to the intended audience.

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