Free Essay with Poems Analysis: Directive and Desert Places

Published: 2022-08-24
Free Essay with Poems Analysis: Directive and Desert Places
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Directive Poem Analysis

I choose to read 'Directive,' a poem written the Robert Frost. I chose poetry because it is considered the oldest form in the field of literature. Since it began, it has undergone various changes regarding its formats and the ways of presentation. Before the writing invention, poetry still existed. It was performed orally through reciting. Following the invention of writing, poems are nowadays put in written form. However, poetry is still performed in our current society. Although most people associate the validity of poems with some factors such as rhymes and counting of lines and syllables, today the works of poetry are not limited to such factors. Some poems are free from the limitations of rhyme schemes and other common patterns that wee used in poetry in the past. However, texts are generally identified as a poem when they include factors such as meter and rhythm (Kemp 11).

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I chose to read the Directive poem because it is very educative and informative regarding poetry matters. The poem is among the most characteristic poems that every reader would wish to come across in the experience of poetry. It is one of the greatest works of poetry that Frost has ever written. The poem reveals the regrets of the poet because of the present state of New England. The poem also reveals the one that the poet has for the New England. The poet draws the attention of the reader through including the beginning of human existence in the current day New England. The poem includes the culture of New England. It includes the directives to a person on how to get back to the source of life where there were no confusing issues like in the current New England (Kemp 14).

Desert Places Poem Analysis

The Desert places is a poem that was authored by Robert Frost. The poem generally expresses the state of loneliness that fills the mind and heart of the poet. The subject matter of the poem is created by the word "The loneliness includes me unawares." The poet explains that the inner emptiness ..." my own desert place" is more scaring than the emptiness of nature. At the beginning of the poem, the observer in the poem shows impression by the occurrences of nature such as the falling of snow and the falling of the night. However, as the poem poet proceeds to the middle, the tone in the tone changes to imply the state of loneliness, empty spaces, benighted snow, blanker whiteness, and desert places. The snow in the poem is used symbolically to imply the loneliness of man. However, in the end, the poet shows an understanding that a man should not be well disappointed by the issues that accrue from nature.

The poet uses simple words to go round the subject matter of the poem and create its image. The use of simple words such as scare to indicate the extreme loneliness of human. The word is common and an underestimation. Through its use, the poet implies he is mature and, therefore, not a child who can easily be affected. I do not like modern American poetry and the whole poetry field of today in general. In the past, there was a good correlation between the goodness of poetry and its integration with the American culture. However, in the current age, poetry has seized to be an image of the American culture (Phillips 09).


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