How Education Is Important to Me, Personal Statement Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-19
How Education Is Important to Me, Personal Statement Essay Example
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Education gets construed as the systematic process of acquiring knowledge and skills through the use of instructions and study. In most cases, its provision is given through a teacher, course instructor or rather the lecturer. In the school set up, education can be opined based on various fronts, for example, the elementary or primary education, post-primary education, and the higher secondary education. Therefore, the paper is premised on the reasons why education is important to me.

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The first importance is based on the promotion of national interest. Citizens have the collective responsibility of ensuring the promotion of national interest to drive the nation's agenda. Educated people contribute effectively to the course based on their high level of intelligence which is opined from the dimension of an exceptional order. The second importance is based on the acquisition of world citizenship. Education helps me to be recognized globally based on its universality. It enables one to develop rational thinking on matters such as racism and can effectively live in any part of the world with minimal chances of inconveniences. Further explanation on the promotion of the world citizenship is based on our understanding of the world outlook which is promoted by knowledge and truth.

Education is equally important based on its promotion of the spiritual, moral and ethical values, key issues that define the humanity in me. Most of the educated people will always promote equity when it comes to matters opportunity. Every privilege that is accorded on merit is opined to be moral considering the responsibility bestowed on such privileges of justifying the unmerited privileges and advocating for the upholding of the ethical values. My character is also molded by the kind of education which I receive. It teaches about moral outlook which shapes my reasoning and interaction manner. The other importance of education is based its ability to accord an individual the intellectual discipline. The kind of discipline helps me when it comes to reasoning and cultivating cultures such as humility, obedience and acquiring the knowledge of an open mind. There is a likelihood that after acquiring education, I will be independent. The independence will come through employment which is an educational reward or acquiring mechanisms of making a living based on the skills acquired from school.

Education, therefore, allows a person to have the chance of meeting the necessities without many constraints. Apart from the obligation of any educational activity which entails teaching the academic knowledge, it accords me the opportunity of being a better human being. The importance is achieved through the promotion of empathy. A justification is noted on the widely read people like William Shakespeare, Mahatma Gandhi, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Socrates and Isaac Newton just to mention who had a great sense of empathy. I also believe that through education, I will be able to change my dreams into reality and become the person I have always wanted to be. I will gain the necessary knowledge and acquire the right path that can lead me towards my area of reality. Lastly, confidence is also acquired from education since many people will always rate our level of intelligence by the educational degree held by an individual.


In summary, education is key for growth and development of every individual. The importance mentioned therein are some of the reasons that stand out for me. Education develops in us a view of looking at life from an optimistic dimension for a better tomorrow. I, therefore, believe that the scholarship program will help me achieve the various education goals as noted therein.

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