Essay Example Comprising Requirements for Nurses

Published: 2019-04-17
Essay Example Comprising Requirements for Nurses
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The Florida Board of Nursing

In my district, a body called the Florida Board of Nursing is responsible for the primary care of adults. Consequently, the APNs are credentialed by the organization as primary care providers and are listed on the duty roster as available to patients for primary care. Currently, the APNS in Florida serve 150-200 patients per month (Thomas, & Crabtree, 2012). Both RNs and APNs in Florida hold an RN license and deliver nursing care. However, the APNs have varied roles to play in managed care. They are trained to provide comprehensive quality care which includes not only diagnosis but also treatment as well as a holistic approach to patient care. They have unique skills to offer an industry that continues to evolve and change. On the contrary, the primary role of the RN is to provide direct patient care through planning, assessment, decision-making, interventions, and evaluations. Despite the fact that there are numerous similarities between a registered nurse and an advanced nurse, or APN, there are additionally some unmistakable differences in their skills. Among these distinctions are the extent of practice, the compensation and the level of responsibility.

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First, a Registered nurse is a specialist who spends two to seven years in nursing training. Although there are different rules in each state, an APN is generally required to have a graduate degree in nursing. Both RNs and APNs must pass an underlying state authorizing exam that permits them to practice and should renew the license at regular intervals in Florida. Proceeding with education is necessary for maintaining a dynamic license in either limit. APNs should likewise pass certification exams in their domain (Sangster-Gormley, 2011).

Second, registered nurses and APNs both give primary care, yet the extent of their practices is distinctive. The extent of practice covers precisely what a nursing expert may do in his or her capacity. The scope of practice changes from state to state. One of the essential contrasts amongst RNs and APNs is that APNs can recommend medicines and healthcare devices. Furthermore, a licensed registered nurse can give pre-natal care, while an APN can manage general anesthesia. Besides, an advanced practice nurse works as a nurse practitioner, a certified midwife specialist, a nurse anesthetist or a clinical nurse administrator (Thomas, & Crabtree, 2012). On the other hand, Registered Nurses are employed in settings such as inpatient and outpatient psychiatric/mental health, primary care clinics, home-based care, critical care employee health, orthopedics, dermatology, surgery, and cardiology.

Lastly, an APN has a considerably higher responsibility than a registered nurse. Licensed ARs are specifically in charge of the whole care and administration of patients. For instance, an RN may screen a pregnant mother, control drugs, and give primary care, for example, a back rub. On the other hand, an APN is frequently in charge of the therapeutic services of up to 1,000 patients and would prescribe drugs, arrange laboratory tests, interpret results and make medicinal judgments (Andrews, 2016).

In summation, APNs and RNs are both fundamental in healthcare. RNs offer primary care to patients in hospitals while APNs regularly practice in under-served places that do not have enough doctors or help a doctor deal with a large number of patients that a single clinical officer could not oversee alone. In addition, advanced practice nurses offer bedside training to help teach the upcoming era of nurses.


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