Agile Techniques Essay Sample for Free

Published: 2022-06-10
Agile Techniques Essay Sample for Free
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Agile is among the techniques used by organizations in software management. The methodology has some cycle activities before introducing the software in the market. The process flow includes project prioritizing where ideas are collected and the project team delves into achieving the project deliverables. Also, requirements and funding are put in place to support the development of the software. The software then passes through the quality assurance team where internal and external testing and training is done. Before the software is tested, customers are notified, and the software is put on the market for use. Organizations such as ThoughtWorks, sky and Tricentis use agile techniques in the testing and development of software. Tricentis Company was founded in 2007 as a software company. It provides training and consulting services, financial, insurance, telecommunication, and transport services. Its primary product is Tricentis Tosca, which helps in combing aspects of software testing. Tricentis customer includes Toyota, BMW, Lexmark, and Deutsche Bank. (Haines, 2017).

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The company discovered agile technique from Sky Company, which used the methodology for daily production. Sky Company made efficient software that was accepted by most customers in the market; this made Tracentis Company find more information about agile techniques. Due to the change in culture and technology, the company came up with a modern testing tool that is acceptable and meets the condition of modern technology. The company has supported and promoted the use of open software where needed. It has also created some recruitment ambitions to attract most of the customers in the market. Through agile techniques, the company has been able to communicate and collaborate with customers freely thus creating a faster-communicating channel. This has brought faster growth of the business thus increasing the profit of the whole firm. Tricentis company has created an agile development team that has enabled provide the best results (Guardia, 2017). The company mostly uses scrum process that helps the company maximize time to produce better work. Trough scrum the company has achieved most as it has enabled an increase in quality of delivery of the product and provided a better estimate that cost less time in making (Guardia, 2017). It has also encouraged more control of the project created.

Trincentis Company agreed on using agile techniques due to the rapid growth of the organization and the market at large. For it to work on the same level and create competition in the market, it had to look at some factors to run the agile technique. Resistance was one of the factors that Trincent Company had to consider. The plan-driven process provides less value code than agile processes. This made the company move to agile techniques. Besides, the company considers agile techniques such as scrum to be micromanaging. These are because some techniques such as scrum hasten project series and customers can communicate with their managers for less period. Agile processes make decisions faster than plan-driven processes. This made Tricentis company go for a better method to increase its success in the market. Technology development also made the company go for new methods for making a better project. There was a rise of top talents that would do better forcing the company to change. This technique could make the workers perform better than before. The new technique could also attract the customers. (Saltz, 2018).

Before Trincentis Company started using the agile process, the Company used waterfall methodology. Waterfall methodology is a traditional approach. This project uses a linear approach with the project being divided into a sequence. The method had five stages that include idea engineering, system design, implementation, testing and validation and maintenance of a plan. This method was tiresome as it had long processes and planning could take a couple of months before it proceeded to another stage that is system design. It then takes other couples of months before it goes to the implementation stage. This duration is too long, and any other company using agile techniques will produce quality and working software within that period when the company using waterfall method is still on the second or third procedure (Raisinghani, 2017).

Agile processes are crucial methods that companies should consider adopting. These are because agile processes are modern. It suits in the modern workplace and the advanced technology. Production of software is more rapid and faster in agile methodology. The efficiency of the software is high. Through the fast flow of information, agile methodology reduces risk and errors and information provided is quality. Members communicate with their managers at all time making fast, and a steady flow of work as motivation from their bosses encourage them. The daily meeting of members makes it possible for every member to be accountable for any error that he or she commits (Sedeno, 2017).

Agile methodology has more advantages than disadvantages thus it is the best method to be used by software developers. Its efficiency in the production of software and the adaptability of the method of modern technology makes the methodology more acceptable by most companies. The process is faster compared to waterfall methodology. It also delivers quality work with minimal errors, as well as being more economical. Therefore, the methodology is suitable for software projects that have members who are collaborative and aim towards archiving a particular goal.


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