Free Essay: Truancy, Grade Point Average and Sexual Activity

Published: 2023-04-10
Free Essay: Truancy, Grade Point Average and Sexual Activity
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Adolescents indulge themselves in the usage of drugs to feel better when suffering from depression due to disorders related to stress, social anxiety, and also physical pain. This article "Truancy, Grade Point Average and Sexual Activity," will explain more on the importance of studying drug abuse among adolescents and the risks associated with the misuse of these substances. The article on social roles and Alcohol consumption tries to explain more on which percentage is like to indulge in alcohol consumption irrespective of their social roles.

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Accurate evaluation of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs prevention programs is of much significance because it educates the youths on the dangers brought about by the consumption of these drugs. The most influential variable in predicting drug use is the Truancy (Smith, 2019) variable this is because its value isn't limited, and its information is routinely collected. Their behaviour is easily noticeable in the form of how they perform and their little connection in the school whereas, Grade Point Average(GPA) was the weakest variable. It provides an indicator of school achievements and performance. Which was a result of that not necessarily low GPA represents the usage of drugs, as in some cases, is found out that some academically successful students are heavy users of drugs (Smith,2019).

Sexual initiation, which is normal to high school youth, with the majority said to have ever had intercourse. In contrast, a sexual activity which indicates frequent sexual activity is more likely to use the substance more than the sexual initiation victims (Roy, 2018). "One ramifications of the little fluctuation segments is that segment factors, for example, race and financial status are less significant than proof of the three hazard factors," means that irrespective of race or socioeconomic status. GPA recent sexual activity and truancy, they all represent strong correlates of substance abuse (Roy, 2018).

Social Roles and Alcohol Consumption

The partnership paid labour and parenthood were the three social roles examined in the study carried out in the social parts and alcohol consumption. This concept was to investigate which group undertaking given tasks tend to engage more in the use of alcohol. The discoveries were that the gathering that had the three jobs were most drastically averse to drink intensely and consequently to support the traditional hypothesis (Sudhinaraset, Wigglesworth, & Takeuchi, 2016). Old style job hypothesis is a hypothesis that characterizes the social situation of an individual in given social frameworks and depends on suffering relations with others and giving both a feeling of personality and conduct direction.

Various weight hypothesis is a hypothesis that accepts over-burdening of jobs emerges from holding such a large number of social capacities and from which potential clashes between the requests of these jobs is identified with worry since every individual has a limited measure of time and energy (Sudhinaraset et al., 2016). Right now, the human characters and liquor utilization in the ten industrialized nations, the examination discovered that the individuals holding the three jobs of parenthood paid work and association were most drastically averse to drinking. This conduct rises in light of their fixed calendars, and they need to modify their time fittingly, to achieve all their everyday jobs (Sudhinaraset et al., 2016). The absence of enough time for drinking represents a test to set up whether the relationship between liquor use and assignments differs. This variety relies upon the time spent on paid work, the period of respondent and development of their youngsters. The variety additionally influences the relationship with an accomplice (Sudhinaraset et al.,2016). Taking everything into account, the three social jobs (organization, parenthood and paid work) force a structure on regular daily existence, consequently the conceivable relationship with liquor use.

In conclusion, Sexual Activity, truancy, and GPA are all forms of substance abuse, and therefore measures should be enforced to end the violence of these drugs among adolescents. The three social roles (partnership, parenthood and paid labor) impose a structure on everyday life, hence the possible association with alcohol use.


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