Chiquita, Free Essay with the Article Summary

Published: 2022-03-14
Chiquita, Free Essay with the Article Summary
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According to the article, Chiquita should implement a number of strategies to restore its reputation and competitiveness. For instance in order to improve its public trust, the organization should compensate victims' families, enhance corporate social responsibility apart from ensuring that its business operations emulate its core values. In addition to that, the article states that Aguire should focus on employee motivation besides refocusing Chiquita's culture and staff as a way of streamlining the employee performance. The organization should also focus in enhancing its observation of ethics besides improving cost savings (Ganesan, 2012; Pablos, 2017).

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Further the article indicates that Chiquita can meet consumer requirements through reliance on innovation. Additionally, the organization should adopt high margin goods. The article also postulates that Chiquita addressed the challenges in its environment by adopting different business model and strategies. The firm also responded to environmental concerns by phasing out toxic chemicals and improving the working conditions (Schotter and Teagarden, 2010). Chiquita also took measures to maintain its reputation amidst the numerous scandals. The article suggests additional measures which should be adopted by Chiquita in its bid to counter the AUC scandal which include maintaining a positive image with the US government, investing in a security firm diversifying its business lines, and adopting the four stage model for forgiveness. In essence the article insists that Aguire should return the organization to a higher moral ground. Apparently this is the responsibility of the managers who are the chief decision makers in any organization. The mangers' decision making capabilities according to the article can determine the firm's profitability.

Moreover, the article quotes Rosabeth Moss Kanter, (2011) who states that firms should not focus on money generation but rather they should combine social and financial logic to come up with lasting solutions. Apart from that the article quotes John C Camillus who asserts that Chiquita was involved in a wicked problem which apparently cannot be solved but instead can be tamed. Aquire is therefore advised to tame the problem by refining the firm's strategy and ensuring that he continuously scans the environment (John C Camillus, 2008). Besides seeking internal solutions the article suggest that Acquire should benchmark on how other firms have handled corporate judgment lapses. In addition to that, the article suggest that the manager should develop a responsible leadership model. In essence Aquire should provide the necessary leadership needed to drive the organization to stability and profitability.

According to the article, in regards to securing the firms Aquire has made important strides. Further the article suggest that the firm should be honest about its past. In other words it should all the illegal activities which has been taking place in its premises. The measure apparently will be integral towards taking the company to profitability. Profitability in this case according to the article would be earned through restoration of consumer trust and eliminating rumors. In addition to that, the article indicates that giving back to the society will show that the company values all the stakeholders. Such measures apparently will make the employees to feel that they are appreciated and empowered.

Finally, the article suggests that the management should put stern warnings disparaging employees from taking part in unethical behavior. Essentially sustaining high ethical standards will show that Chiquita is a firm that is keen on restoring its reputation in the society.

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