Martin Luther's Reforms - Free Essay for You to Check

Published: 2018-03-07 22:58:06
Martin Luther's Reforms - Free Essay for You to Check
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What caused these empires to rise?

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The European empires mainly, the Spanish, English, and Ottoman empires at some point in history reached their height of dominance in particular between the 15th century and 19th century. Several reasons can be attributed to their dominance to their dominance firstly, their rulers who were willing to do anything to ensure that their kingdoms were dominant. Secondly, they had large armies that could conquer other territories easily in their world expedition. Thirdly, their system of governance was near perfect that the soldiers gave their all in a time of battle to see their empires grow. Fourthly, the countries were wealthy, and they right finance big wars without affecting their economy. Finally, the nations were strategically placed for trade with outside world with deep harbors.

Characteristics that enabled them to become Cohesive

Some of these empires mainly the Spanish and English empires were willing to do anything to see that they won their wars. Some of the fighting strategies that thy used were divided and rule that they could insight their enemies fight against each other to weaken themselves. Such mechanisms would make it easy for them to conquer their enemy easily. Economic, growth was another characteristic as the industrial revolution pushed the Empire trade routes and market around the world. Similarly, new imperialism enables the nations to expand their empire across the world in areas such as Africa, Asia, and America.

Martin Luther Reforms

Martin Luther helped create national identities and modern day European nations. He believed that people should not pay the churches and receive forgiveness of their sins and the church was not enough to get an individual a gate pass to heaven. Such activities he achieved through religious reform where he changed his allegiance from Roman Catholic to Protestant. This gave birth to catholic and Protestant empires in Europe.

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