Free Essay - Advertising Plan

Published: 2023-12-14
Free Essay - Advertising Plan
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Beauty is trending but more excellent at Delight Nail Salon. At Delight, all services related to nail are availed. The services include manicures and pedicures; the Salon also sells nail fittings and nail accessories.

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Target Market

Located in the Macomb City of Macomb County, the business prevails and serves the town and neighboring correspondent cities focusing on youths, especially ladies. Ladies, let us do your nails for a glowing look around the town and among your peers. You have to look outstanding once we offer the service.


This advert aims to describe the best services we offer to boost awareness of the services, products, and benefits that our clients get within our services.


Delight Nail Salon provides factual information on the client service avail and product care in this informative advert. The focus is to have a magnification of the business service and attain the desired flow of convincing information to new clients. Nail painting and decoration products are the critical elements of this advert.


30% income of the previous financial year goes to the advertising plans, installation, and maintenance in the economy. The fund is exactly $4000. The amount is subdivided; $120 of the budget gets into youth affairs, $100 to business presentations and trade fair adverts, $105 to social media platforms, and the remaining $75 will sustain the advert welfare, including transport and accommodation.


Technology is changing, and one component is in fashion. As female youths, everyone has to comply with the change of beauty and style. Among the crucial ways of fitting into fashion and beauty is checking on your nails. Models are not complete without the beauty of their nails. In universities and every fashion show, nails possess an excellent percentage of public appearance. Smart nails are presentable, so visit us today.

The advertisement has to be informative as the aim is persuasion .beauty is a choice and not fate, so it cannot be emotional.

Media Vehicle

In promoting the advertisement, unique adverts will be made in the famous television shows that engage youths. Also, getting into such fashion shows will link the adverts to the target groups. This is a youth networking medium, as referral promotion is possible.

Advert Integration

To integrate this advert, personal selling is applicable. During the advert's presentation in the fashion shows, nail services can be demonstrated and explained to the attendants.

Evaluating the Campaign Effectiveness

The predetermination of the advert's effectiveness will include mock audience engagement. Getting views about the advert from a portion of the public will rectify and improve the advert before implementing it. To post-determine the campaign's effectiveness, sales changes will be looked into by the end of the campaign. A perfect advert will translate to an increase in sales.

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