Essay Sample on Sports Event Project Plan Report

Published: 2023-04-23
Essay Sample on Sports Event Project Plan Report
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As the director of business school, there are several initiatives that you need to undertake for the successful implementation of the project management of the sports event. Firstly, you need to utilize agile project management in the application of the sporting event. The reason being is that it contains different steps that, when followed correctly, will lead to desired results (Fiorentino 2018). The first step of the agile project management will help you formulate ideas and notions concerning the project. Currently, the project plan is to ensure that there will be a successful indoor sporting event between higher education institutions in Roehampton, London.

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The envision stage will enable you to effectively manage the ten institutions participating in the event, with each university having an allocation budget of $ 20,000 (Altunel 2017). Additionally, the envision stage will enable all members that need to facilitate the successful implementation of the sporting event to attend project meetings organized by you. The conference will help the team members to address difficulties they are likely to experience in their assigned setting as well as give clarification concerning the nature of the project.

The agile approach is based on the human interaction management principles that depict the process in the context of collaborative efforts needed by project team members. Therefore, team members are given a chance to learn and understand everything that is desired of them throughout the sporting event project (Davidson Frame, 2014). Agile coaching will be instrumental in assisting the project team applies the agile practices in their roles. The agile coach should be very attentive in this field because he is supposed to attend to any situation that may come along. The agile coach should have the best communication skills to interact face to face communication with the project team. The coach is flexible and would readily accept changes in every phase of development as well as promoting unity among the team members.

Secondly, you need to formulate a raid map based on the given information for the successful implementation of the project. Designing a map will guide you to develop a plan that is expected to take place during the implementation of the sporting event (Rose 2017). Thirdly, you need to ensure there is a lot of testing and developing stories that will help in the successful implementation of the sporting event project plan (Witkowski, Kosa, & Piepiora 2016). The reason being is that an iteration plan needs to be well integrated with the release plan. Henceforth, it would be best if you combined with all team members to create and deliver different ideas and practical strategies that will ensure the project is completed as desired and in the speculated time frame.

Thirdly, it is critical to review the processed results and performance of all team members. The reason being is that it is normal for a project to have frequent changing of roles and positions during the distinct levels of the sporting event project (Rose 2017). It will enable you to receive a feedback report that will help make new plans and decisions depending on whether the feedback given is either positive or negative (Witkowski, Kosa, & Piepiora 2016).

Time and self-skill management are critical for the successful implementation of the sports event project. The reason being is that time and self-skill management is correlated with each other. You and your team members need to possess the attributes of bringing positive development during the entire implementation process (Juricek 2014). Employees need to have self-management skills because it helps them formulate their notions into ideas, which subsequently leads to positive results in the speculated time frame. Employees can evaluate their progress on the platform of their achieved communication skills via simple controlling and planning (Serrador & Pinto 2015). When all team members are in a position to give feedback, it increases team communication. Verbal conversing can be a positive experience for all team members because it allows for two-way discussion that enables the team to self-evaluate.

For any given organization to achieve its objectives, there should be effective communication between the managers, human resource managers, and employees to discuss the ways to drive an organization forward, which will not happen when there is poor communication between the employees (Witkowski, Kosa, & Piepiora 2016). The ability of an organization to continually produce effective services depends on its way of handling the communication crisis (Atanackovic 2019). While monitoring a development project, effective communication is vital. The colocation technique is an agile word that means face-to-face communication (Wang, 2017). Co-locating, in the same place, will enable the development team to stay close to each other in stressful situations and even respond to them in accordance. In that regard, a project manager must formulate active initiatives that would lead to a successful implementation of a project as demanded by the organization's sponsors in a specified time.

Similarly, a project manager is tasked with the responsibilities of dealing with ethical issues that may arise in a workplace setting. As earlier mentioned, ethical issues may result in a workplace setting caused by increased conflicts by workers (Schulenkorf 2010). In such a scenario, a project manager needs to implement an agile project management framework that concentrates on enhancing worker's morale to function towards a collaborative objective collaboratively (Bredillet, 2017). Additionally, the strategy helps the project manager to address conflict issues whenever they arise among employees in a workplace setting. In that regard, an implemented project has to incorporate different opinions and ideologies as well as employees' collaborative efforts to become successful at the desired time.

Consequently, as the director of the business school, you need to understand that respect plays a significant role in the institutional success (Dionne, 2013). An organization has to formulate strategies that will ensure team members entrust and respect each irrespective of their hierarchical levels (Indelicato 2016). Therefore, you being the executive member of the institution, need to communicate with all team members involved in the project to enhance diversity, transparency, openness, and fairness with the institution (Coulon et al. 2019).

The success of the organization depends on the corporate emphasis on mutual respect towards its workers. Additionally, for successful implementation of the sports event project plan, team-building activities help create bond team members who need to work collaboratively to ensure the project is completed on time before the sporting event commences (Dwivedula, 2019). This strategy is based on training employees for the particular jobs that they are expected to carry out in the organization to ensure that the team is competent (Parent & Chappelet 2017). Managing risk events is a critical part of risk management. To ensure that the contingency plans work out as planned, an in-depth follow up is conducted in case one of the potential risk events takes place (Mir & Pinnington, 2014). QAHE institution has throughout the sporting event assigned responsibilities and roles to specific project team leaders and members. All employees will be given a response matrix during the preliminary meeting before the start of the sporting event project.

As the director of the school, you need to understand that risk management planning is significant in the sporting event project. The reason is that it will guide the project team to control and manage a potential risk event (Ponnappa, 2014). Therefore, you need to discuss with the project team to determine the possible risk that has an increased probability of taking place. It is possible to arrange the risks in a particular order once the possible risks have been identified (Ponnappa, 2014). To determine and understand the potential risks that may take place during the sporting event project, you need to discuss with the whole team on ways to respond in the event of a risk-taking place (Yu et al., 2017). Henceforth, there is a need for the formulation of a risk response matrix to determine the contingency plan for each risk event. There is a need for a detailed follow-up procedure in case one of the potential risks takes place to ensure that the contingency plan is effective. Similarly, to reduce the negative impact onto the project taking place, risk events should be dealt with a sense of urgency by communicating what is desired to the assigned project members (Qazi & Akhtar, 2020).

Lastly, closing the stage is an integral part of agile project management. It will help you analyse the working conditions of all team members. It will help you understand whether the workers are comfortable working in their assigned roles (Pielichaty et al. 2016). Similarly, the closing stage will enable you to test the usability of the working condition to formulate effective strategies to enhance the sporting event. In that regard, utilizing the agile project management plan will be beneficial to the school as well as the other institutions that will be attending the sporting event.


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