Paper Example. Agile-Lean Frameworks

Published: 2023-07-14
Paper Example. Agile-Lean Frameworks
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Scaling agile and agile-lean frameworks in organizations may be difficult due to the continuous rising of challenges associated with it. One such obstacle is the lack of long-term planning. Most often, the agile development teams typically restrict their product backlogs to a maximum of three iterations (Eklund et al., 2014). In reality, large enterprises may need to undertake further plans through their product marketing teams to ensure that they commit to the longer expectations of the market demand. Such groups usually need up to 12 months for the ultimate completion of their strategies. However, the development team is forced to refine all the activities within the 2-3 stipulated iterations.

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Moreover, most organizations lack agile practices at their managerial levels (Uludag et al., 2017). Although the central aim of development teams is to create an agile scaling environment, there is a lack of cross-cultural teamwork. Therefore, more abstract levels and planning processes are challenging to handle. Due to this, it means that ideas of innovation would be limited since the agile development team has no support from the managerial department. It is always recommended that after an agile development, change be done to obtain other iterations to make future increments.

As a corrective plan. Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) approach should be implemented to address the challenge of the agile scaling with the agile-lean frameworks. LPM competency approach usually outlines the specific measures and strategies that an enterprise should use to manage the agile operations, investments in the agile scaling frameworks, and overall lean governance. It consists of well-defined Scaled Agile Framework SAFe to aid the management of value streams for specific areas within the enterprise (Leffingwell, 2018). Moreover, the LPM approach works in collaboration with the following three primary attributes that would directly solve the above-outlined challenges. They include the agile portfolio operations, Funding of Strategic investments, and Lean governance. The approach will motivate innovation and collaboration between the agile scaling development teams and a management board (Leffingwell, 2018). Accurate planning can also be done based on the complexity of the organization and their sizes.


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