Grandpa's Christmas Story - Personal Experience Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-21
Grandpa's Christmas Story - Personal Experience Essay Example
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Each year gives people and families a chance to celebrate and spend time with their loved one on Christmas day. This is a tradition on many families where they get together and spend the day having fun. My family has been doing this since I was a kid. Each year my cousins and other relatives would have a get-together at my grandparent's house. I tell you this is the memorable days I treasure up today. Our parents would use new clothes, and we would spend the whole day with our friends and cousins playing at my grandparents' backyard. As every kid now that on Christmas day there are gifts that are given to the children by their parents. We would spend the next day after Christmas checking who ha received the best gift. This tradition seems to be fading away as most families now live far away from each other and some are only centered at the nuclear composition.

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There is this Christmas day vividly like it was just the other day. It is Christmas of 2002, and at the time I was eight years old. We arrived at my grandparent's house on 23rd, and I met my cousins who I had not seen for three years as they lived a town 250 miles away. I was happy to meet them, my Aunts and Uncles. The grandmother and father were pleased to see their family come together for Christmas. Grandpa had purchased a Christmas tree, and he gave the task of decorating it to his grandchildren. He had even purchased balloons, ribbons, disco lights, and some flowers. On 24th as our parents were preparing to the Christmas day, we sat with grandpa at his backyard as he was telling some of his old stories.

He tasked us with the responsibility of decorating the Christmas tree. Theses was a perfect moment for me as I got to interact with him. He taught me how to make flower using ribbons as trick he had learned at his time when he was serving in the army. Decorating the tree was such an essential task within the family. There was tradition within the family that at the eve of each Christmas day we would play some game. In this case the groups are according to the agemates. At this particular day we were playing hide and seek game. The game was so entertaining even our parents joined. Being the tiny one I was able to hide even the relatives were worried I had gone lost. They also conducted such search for me. I had managed to hide in the plan site t the most common place where they could not think I would go, and my grandpas' bedroom.

All that time I found some of the grandfather's photos album. This is one that my grandfather had forgone about. They were photos from his childhood to the time he came to leave the army. He found me going through the album and he sat beside me and started giving stories about the picture. Somewhere moments of laughter other moments of sorrow. I could even see it in his eyes as he told the stories. The most painful one was when he told me about the time, his friend lost his legs during the Vietnam war. I could see the pain in his eyes. He told me he carried his friend to safety. However, his friend did not make it; he passed away four days later due to heavy bleeding. As he told this story I could see tear fall down his eyes. This was the best time I have ever spent with my grandfather, and I consider it a treasure as he passed away four days later. He is close to my heart as I am named after him.

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