Free Essay with a Discussion on Gender and Communication

Published: 2022-03-14
Free Essay with a Discussion on Gender and Communication
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Women and men struggle every day to prove their worth and superiority. The woman has felt inferior for many years as patriarchy take the lead in manning all cultural perimeters. Subjected to a world of men, the woman struggles to prove her worth every day in almost all areas. Communication is free and most countries uphold the right of communication for both men and women equally. However, the freedom of speech and communication has been met by diverse challenges, especially for the women. The women are perceived to communicate differently from men, and the women opinion are less valued in most instances. This paper will, therefore, a will examine communication issues surrounding gender. Gender communication difference is worldwide, and ever women can relate to the patronizing done by men to women in a conversion. The man wants to win in all conversation, and the women are expected to sit and listen. In the article Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca, silencing of women by men is explained.The women are expected to behave and communicate in a certain way where there are men. Subjecting women to patriarchal standard has left women abused and violated in many ways across different aspects of life. In some countries for example, especial in Asian, the women are subjected to death, rape and gender violence in silence.

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The woman has also been said t be more talkative than men and in most cases, this is not the case, men and women talk a lot, but the setting varies. Often, people forget the woman is friendly and love friendly environments. Often you find women talk more in non-formal setting than in a political debate where men dominate. The women don't tell more, in my opinion, the environment determines and therefore, if only both genders learn to find common ground to reach every person then smooth and less conflicting communication be reported.

It does not matter how well a woman is informed or literate, as long as there are men around, the men opinion will be given more importance than that of the women. Deborah Tannen's Can't We Talk explore how men and women communicate and although Deborah fails to provide a solution to the highlighted issues of communication in her articles, the article clarifies the thinking process in communication for both men and women.

Unlike the men, the women are more emotional, and they attach a lot of feeling in almost every activity they pursue. For example, in the article Can't We Talk, the woman is angry when her husband invites a friend over to their house without consulting with the wife. The men in most times they seek to be independent and anytime they are presented with a problem they are quick to give a solution even without consulting. During communication the woman finds intimacy and when a man fails to show to ask a wife on a particular decision that involves their wellbeing together the woman is likely to feel unwanted and angry. The women are always seeking approval, and often they will find support from their men before coming to a decision. For a man, seeking approval from a woman makes the man feel venerable and controlled by the woman of which it is never the case. In most instances, the woman wants to be consulted for her to feel included but not to control.

Based on the article Can't We Talk, there is a difference in how men and women perceive conversation. The difference in perception creates conflict. Men do not like orders from women since orders, make them feel not in control of their independence. When women pose a question as an order, the men often retaliate by saying no. The retaliation will not come because the decision was wrong but how it was raised. It would be a lot easier to bring a man into agreeing on a choice from the woman if the proportion or decision was proposed rather than ordered. Communication can only be won between both genders if just each gender learns to understand each other communication needs.

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