Free Paper Sample on 2020 Presidential Election and the COVID-19

Published: 2023-12-25
Free Paper Sample on 2020 Presidential Election and the COVID-19
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Based on Breitbart’s news, both the Democrats and the media suggest that the United States has hit approximately 200000 fatalities from COVID-19. It can be a push and a campaign strategy for the democrats due to the country’s nearing general elections. Notably, the experts’ models predicted such deaths would be a low-end estimate with proper mitigation measures utilized. The COVID-19 task force had proposed that the US could hit 2.2 million fatalities if no mitigations were employed during the pandemic, but full mitigation would significantly reduce the number of deaths. According to President Donald Trump, the experts suggested that the country can keep deaths from about 100000 to 200000; it is a commendable job because the figure is extremely below the model’s predicted figure, specifically when there are no mitigation measures. Most people implemented aggressive mitigation measures, while others failed; for example, a huge population participated in the Black Matter protest held in about 48 major cities. They were not observing restrictions regarding the pandemic, including social distancing.

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Additionally, several local leaders involved themselves in such protests and even encouraged people to perpetuate the process. Unfortunately, some individuals realized later that such protests played a fundamental factor in spreading the disease during the summer. The number of people contracting the infection has steadily increased, although new COVID-19 cases have tremendously fallen in different states, and the rate of fatalities is currently reducing. Bob Woodward has also stated that the response approach used by the president is an outrageous act of indifference and a lot of negligence. The national security adviser had advised the president that the disease would cause a great threat to his presidency. Thus, at the ballot, people will evaluate the president based on measures that were utilized to ensure the virus is fully contained to foster the recovery of the economy.

In the second group of media coverage under NBC News, the president has revealed that the vaccine for the virus will be ready for distribution by October this year, which is a contradicting opinion of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) director that it is not possible until the next year. According to the Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, President Trump used the idea as a political strategy to win votes in the coming election. More importantly, the president added that about 100 million doses of the vaccine would be supplied by the end of the year. Contrarily, the director Robert Redfield asserted that it is unlikely to have the vaccine sooner and that it can take more than six months to vaccinate the Americas. He suggested that citizens may resume their normal life by late next year. Unfortunately, the president believes that the CDC director is confused; and probably passing incorrect information to the public. When the media asked him why he should be trusted and not the director who is an expert in the field, the president said people should believe him due to the great job he has done.

On the other hand, Biden does not trust the president to safely supervise the federal government’s consent and distribution of the vaccine. As a formidable opponent in the presidential race, Biden only trusts the scientists and the vaccine but does not believe in Trump’s effort to ensure the vaccines are distributed before the end of the year. More precisely, the president’s prediction of the vaccine’s availability before elections is different from what the health experts have forecasted as realistic. Since the CDC had revealed that the country should prepare for the large-scale distribution of the vaccine by November, the Food and Drug Administration head revealed that the organization might use emergency authority to approve the vaccine before completing the clinical trial rapidly. Therefore, several political critics of the president have questioned whether such directives were made due to political interference from the White House. Notably, Biden has affirmed that Americans cannot allow politics to impede the vaccine in any manner.

In the first article analysis, the media can shape people’s perceptions by providing access to information about certain critical events. For instance, this article demonstrates how the president is using COVID-19 as a campaign tool to sway the public regarding measures that have been imposed by his administration to curb the spread of the disease. The media has made the information open to the public to understand the nation’s status concerning the virus fully. The media have also revealed some of the responses that many health experts have termed as outrageous and compound negligence based on how Trump deals with the pandemic in the United States.

In the other article, the media disclosed fundamental issues surrounding the virus and the truth behind what the government is doing to demonstrate a good reputation to the public. For example, health experts have stated that it will not be possible to vaccinate citizens this year and that the country will resume normalcy by late next year. The media have indicated that politicians often take advantage of certain situations to gain political support instead of finding the most appropriate solution for the crisis. Therefore, the media has done an excellent job of providing trustworthy information to the people.

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