Free Essay: Clothing Tells a Lot about Someone's Personality

Published: 2019-09-24
Free Essay: Clothing Tells a Lot about Someone's Personality
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More often than not, we turn to our wardrobes, pick up a piece of cloth and put on without much consideration to what impressions we conjure up in the minds of those we encounter. To a vast majority, it is just a normal camaraderie; picking a piece of cloth because it makes them comfortable or warm or it is their all-time favorite. For those who dress up just because they need to, here is the catch: your choice of clothing actually says much about your personality and preferences. People often make snap judgments about us from the clothes we put on. With this in mind, it is, therefore, imperative that we understand what impressions we create based on the dressing we put on ("Clothing Colors - What Your Clothes Say About Your Personality").

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People often assess our social status based on the dress code we put on. A study conducted in the United Kingdom showed that individuals who put on bespoke suits were deemed to be more confident, well off and successful as compared to those who put on ill-fitting suits. Our choice of clothing can open up the gates through which we can influence others. It can also be a hindrance where people conjure up negative impressions about us based on our dressing, blocking us from establishing networks and friendships.

Our shopping behaviors are often driven by emotions, our past experiences as well as the dictates of our cultures. To most of us, we think that our shopping habits are just fluff, with no source whatsoever; we tend to think that we shop for a certain piece of cloth because our whims dictated ("Dressing To Impress: How What A Woman Wears Can Reveal More Than She Ever Intended About Her Personality"). Psychologists, however, suggest that our shopping behaviors, as well as our choices of clothes, are rooted deeply in our personalities as well as the cultures prevailing around us.

Few understand the messages they project about themselves from what they wear. For instance, women who put on clothes that reveal too much cleavage create the impression that they are hungry for power, control and authority. On the other hand, those who button up their clothes can create the subtle message to those higher than them in the hierarchy that femininity signifies some form of weakness, not power. Those who rock high heels might be deemed to be less intelligent but confident because the heels give them some height level to their male counterparts.

The color of the clothes you rock also send signals about the emotions you are experiencing. Matching up different colors can also change the prevailing mood. How this happens is a perplexity in itself; psychological influences beyond our control. If you put on red clothing, for instance, you are likely to engage in risky ventures on that day or it might conjure up the impression that you are a risk taker by nature. No wonder a vast majority of gamblers at the casino are usually in red. Purple clothing implies that you are a social and friendly person whereas yellow shows that you have a superior mind whose personality is somewhat withdrawn and reserved but not shy ("What Your Clothes Might Be Saying About You"). Blue, on the other hand, signifies a peaceful and calm personality whereas green color might be indicative of someone who eats healthy, loves the environment and enjoys fun in life.

It is true that the choice of clothing will conjure up different impressions among the people we interact with. These impressions might however not be true, and we end up making wrong judgments about other people. A person who puts on expensive jewelry creates the impression that they are wealthy. This might however not be the case as it is also indicative of deep-seated insecurities.

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