Free Paper with a Discussion on Comparing and Contrasting of Articles

Published: 2022-09-23
Free Paper with a Discussion on Comparing and Contrasting of Articles
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Compare and contrast essay is an analysis that evaluates the difference and similarities between the two subjects. The subject in question may be similar but used in a different context. An individual may compare and contrast different kinds such as novel, essay or pets among others (Smith, 2018). A perfect day for Bananafish is one of the short stories written by J.D Salinger which begin with Muriel waiting patiently Florida hotel room waiting for as connection with her mother. She is busy trying to fixing her clothing and nails at the same time reading a magazine (Salinger, 2014). The other essay that will be used is as A clean well-lighted place. The story begins with a conversation between two waiters just as they are about to close the hotel. The two waiters cannot leave because they have one customer who is still inside the cafe. The two waiters discuss an issue related to life, and they start referring to the WW1. The conversation is taking place between 2, and 3 am since they are just about to close the cafe. The two essays identified above are similar and different to some extent. The paper is going to discuss differences and similarities between A perfect day for Bananafish and A clean well-lighted place.

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The background setting of the two stories is different. Starting with A clean well-lighted place takes place in a cafe that is maybe somewhere in Spain. The background is key to the title and characters have less or no place to go. The cafe used is clean as what a customer would prefer. The title is a clean well-lighted place matches the description of what a cafe is supposed to look. The light in the cafe creates the shadows at night setting the background. That is the only thing we know about the setting of the story. Also, one can guess the cafe is in Spain or any Spanish speaking nations. Hemingway makes one assume it is Spain. The old man stops to bar on his way home but is not pleased with the place because it is not clean to his liking and decides to go back to his lonely home. The other story that is a perfect day for Bananafish takes place in two settings. The first setting is a hotel in Florida, and the story is indoors. Muriel whose brother committed suicide is talking on the phone with her mother. Hence, the first part takes place indoors that is in a hotel room. The other part takes place outdoors in the ocean, and they are open to the sun. The mention of the sun signifies the story took place during the day.

The two authors leave the reader to understand a tail in his way without interfering. In A clean well-lighted place there is a scene one of the younger waiters tell the old man "you should have killed yourself last week." The tone of the young waiter may be seen as rude to tell an old man. The author does not judge the character but leaves it there to allow the reader to come up with their interpretation. Also, the story is like a dialogue between the two waiters and the old man. They are having a conversation. In A perfect day for Bananafish, the author leaves us to come up with our understanding. There are various situations where the author distances himself and does not comment on the topic. For instance, the death of Seymour. He was a brother to Muriel who committed suicide. The author fails to discuss the issue further in the entire story giving us room to comment on the topic. The author at this instant leaves us to derive our tail. Also, the story starts as dialogue. Muriel is one phone speaking with her mother (Salinger, 2014). The two converse over the telephone while Muriel is in the hotel room. The type of conversation they are having can only be described as dialogue.

In conclusion, the two stories used that is A perfect day for Bananafish, and A clean well-lighted place is similar and different in a certain way. The paper has addressed one difference and similarity between the stories as portrayed by the authors. The difference that is addressed is the setting of the two stories. The two stories take place in a different background setting. Starting with A clean well-lighted place takes place in a cafe. The definition of the cafe fits the title of the story. The characters converse inside the cafe late at night. Hence, the setting of the story is inside a cafe late at night. The other story that is A perfect day for Bananafish takes place in two settings that are indoors and outdoors. The indoor setting is in a hotel at Florida while the outdoor part is in the ocean outside in the sun. Also, the story setting is during the day. That is the difference addressed. The similarity discussed between the two stories is authors giving us room to derive our understanding.


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