Effective Human Relations Communications Style Assessment Exercise Example

Published: 2019-10-16
Effective Human Relations Communications Style Assessment Exercise Example
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An emotive communication style is a fast-paced and passionate atmosphere in which one individual can bring others into a kind of collaboration for the purpose of meeting the intended objectives. In this case, according to Vandergriff (2013), this preferred style thrives on its dynamic ability to have quick thoughts and indeed, encourage the involvement of more people in the communication. Understanding this style helps me build my self-esteem and indeed, have a great influence on the decisions that I make (Keeling, McGoldrick & Beatty, 2010). Additionally, the complete understanding of the style offers me motivations which I use to influence others. This paper examines the lessons that I took from the assessment as well as the actions that I plan to take from the assessment. Additionally, the ways in which I will use this information to improve my human relations will also be discussed.

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What I Learnt From Taking This Assessment

Through the assignment, I have been able to understand what effective communication entails as well as the style that contributes to the most effective human relations communication style. In this case, I have learnt the importance of being an emotive person who brings others together for the purpose of bringing about the considerate and well organized ideas (Keeling, McGoldrick & Beatty, 2010). Additionally, the need to control my time and emotions through the development of an objective mindset are some of the lessons that I have obtained from this assessment. The need to spent time in the proving, authentication and specification of the task focus has been a lesson from the assessment.

The Action That I Plan To Take As A Result Of This Assessment

From this assessment, I plan to be an effective communicator through controlling my emotions. In this regard, I will try as much as possible to plan my time and always be happy. Additionally, I plan to be objective in my ideas and always involve others in the communication process so that we can achieve the intended goals as a team (Dasgupta, Suar & Singh, 2012). Indeed, I will now think quickly and always love to involve other people in what I do and the decisions that I make. More importantly, I plan to take actions to ensure that I am well organized and always think about the different solutions that are available to a problem before making an objective choice to the most appropriate one.

How I Can Use This Information to Improve My Human Relations Communication Style

This information from the emotive communication style developed by Charity Bolster will help me improve my communication style. In this case, I would use the information to improve my relations with others and be more disciplined in my workplace. Additionally, the information will help me to have better relations with other people by being objective and always consulting them in any decision-making. Indeed, this information will be critical to my development of better human relations with fellow workmates.

To conclude, an emotive communication style is effective due to its ability to bring people together in order to achieve the intended goals. From this assessment, I have learnt on how I should interact and communicate with others. As a result, I plan to develop strong emotional control and objectivity in my dealings with people. Indeed, I will use the information from this assessment to better my communication and control my emotions and time as well as develop an objective as opposed to a subjective mindset.


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