Sports Marketing Essay Example: Marketing Strategy for A Park and Recreational Agency

Published: 2022-06-16
Sports Marketing Essay Example: Marketing Strategy for A Park and Recreational Agency
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Strategies for Generating Revenue

A Park and Recreational Agency can promote its program by merely venturing into the various practices. This includes planning to obtain new sources of revenue, which would entail the increase both fees for events involving vendors and food services as well as implementing a small charge for tours of the Carter Mansion and Sabine Hill. Additionally, applying a tax to host competitive events, such as track meets and cyclotrons, they would also advertise the availability of gathering place-community room for rental (Fullerton, 2010). As part of promoting the program, a Park and Recreational Agency should also offer an all-inclusive historical dining experience to include tours, entertainment, and related historical activities should be part of the program.

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Ideally, the partnership with other originations would help a Park and Recreational Agency is also vital as a promotional technique. They may assist in the following activities, providing refreshments at events and meetings, funding the publications of annual special events brochure, they can as well offer volunteers during events. However, there should be expansion and interpretive programs. Therefore there should be the inclusion of a canopy tour operation which would create to host groups with more and diriment interpretive programs. This would make people visit the park more frequently. Lastly, there is need to improve the effectiveness of marketing and sales. These would include; posts being made a minimum of two times a week, upcoming programs to be made through posts, use of photographs to engage interests, and lastly, through Facebook, they can get additional likes.

Customer Service Philosophy

The pricing philosophy within the park and recreation department should be based on the ease of affordability. Fee adjustments should be completed based on the recommendations from the staff after comparison with other area agencies. A Parks and Recreational Agency should also ensure that registration fees are minimized for a community, youth, and family oriented recreation programs and persons with special needs. In addition to that, program budget affordability should be maintained by reducing expenses through the use of donations, sponsorships, and grants (Fullerton, 2010).

Through pricing policy to provide consistency, a philosophy should be implemented that will establish the foundation for which pricing decisions are made. Therefore this would entail the following: revenue philosophy, this is formalized philosophy that not only promotes revenue sustainability to offset operating costs but also allows for revenues that are collected to remain within the specific program should be adopted. This will build incentives for staff to be more aggressive in seeking grants, donations and other sources of revenue. Similarly, citizen input should also be put into the pricing of services, because it allows customers to choose and pick what components of service they want to select. Lastly, cost recovery goals should be established by functional program area. They should have different cost recovery goals, but their aggregates should aim to meet the system-wide goals.

Risk management factors to be considered

The following strategies can be put in place to help manage any unforeseen risk that might occur. Firstly, planning for managing personal expenses, to avoid this they should request assistance from volunteers and friends groups to accomplish necessary tasks, especially during special events, which cannot be performed by full-time workers within the allotted work hour. In addition to that, other expenses like preventative maintenance, limited renovations, and reduced utility operational costs by using grant funding to purchase and install high-efficiency lighting (Fullerton, 2010).

A Parks and Recreational Agency should develop fire mitigation partnerships which would create original management plans with land managers, utility providers, public safety officials, and state parks representatives. Similarly, they should also install more drought tolerant plant materials and reduce sole dependency on water resources. Lastly, they should promote education and enforcement to address unintentional forest fire starts and aimless tree cutting activities.

How to Measure and Evaluate the Project

The success of the Agency can be measured through various ways. Firstly, through observing the number of visitors that visit the agency within a given time frame, we would be able to tell the direction regarding progress the agency has achieved. Programs such as state involvement would be necessary as this will assist local and state agencies in providing recreational sites and facilities that. Measurement and evaluation of the project can as well be done by the comparing the revenue that accrued within the period of implementing the policies and number of an interested investor in the project can also be used to measure and evaluate the progress of this great program (Shank & Lyberger, 2014). It is important to note that when all these strategies are put in place, the Agency will have the potentials to grow to become the best in the region regarding profit and service delivery.


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Shank, M. D., & Lyberger, M. R. (2014). Sports marketing: A strategic perspective. Routledge

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