Essay Example on Overcoming Shyness Using Books

Published: 2020-04-27
Essay Example on Overcoming Shyness Using Books
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Shyness is a tendency of feeling uncomfortable in various social situations. The uncomfortable feeling varies in intensity and the intensity affects an individual in different ways. Most of the time, shyness is an obstacle in the path to getting what one wants because shyness discourages one from performing to the best of their abilities or responding to situations in the best possible manner (Thomas 12). Consequently, shyness can be a difficult barrier to deal with in the daily activities of an individual. Shyness can also be indication of an underlying problem such as low self-esteem. Shyness can affect one aspect of an individuals life and not others. For instance, one can be outgoing when at work while in person they are shy. Experts attribute this to the designation of roles to play. While at work, one is under the cover of the company representing the company. However, while outside of work, one is responsible as an individual for the possible shame of filing in a social situation (Thomas 12).

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Fear has been attributed to be a leading cause in the manifestation of shyness. Shy people have fear of social situations for what they perceive them to stand for. For shy people, social situations are a possible cause for shame because they may not know how to act (Malouff). The fear of filing the social judgment that is a feature of social interaction makes shy people to dread social situations. Consequently, shy people may withdraw further away from any possible social interaction or minimize it as much as possible, which only serves to make the fear worse.

People use different approaches in relation to shyness. Some choose to suffer in silence, while others seek for solutions to shyness. Many approaches exist to overcome shyness. Some people go out on their own and increase their level of social interactions, others use structured programs to overcome shyness, while others investigate their problem by retrospect and find solutions to it on their own or from professionals (Thomas 14). One possible solution is using books to overcome shyness. Books can be used in a number of ways to bet shyness. To begin with, books can be used to gain a deeper understanding of the problem. A search for books that explain shyness and give guidelines on how to understand it will go a long way in enabling a shy person to understand themselves (Malouff). A better understanding of self is equal to improved positive self-consciousness. Once a shy person is able to be positively conscious about themselves, they can be comfortable around others too.

Books are also helpful in understanding social dynamics. Shy people may be so because they do not have a grasp of social dynamics and thus do not know what to do, how and when to do it in social situations (Thomas 16). Consequently, feelings of isolation may develop because they may feel they do not fit in with the group. In this way, books may be helpful in providing an understanding of social dynamics by giving appropriate knowledge to a shy person so that they are aware of what to do in a social situation and how to blend in or stand out comfortably. Furthermore, books are handy due to their portability so one can constantly refresh their knowledge to build their confidence to overcome shyness.

Shyness can be attributed to fear. Fear stems from the dread of being judged negatively in the eyes of society. Books can be of assistance in getting rid of the fear that establishes shyness (Malouff). Reading books on speaking or social interactions will show the shy person that shyness is normal for all people in some situations. However, some people learn to beat the fear that creates shyness and are able to fully participate in social interactions. Books carry knowledge that will enable a shy person to understand their fear and be able to overcome the fear that creates shyness.

Books especially by individuals who beat shyness are instrumental in calming fears especially when a shy person tries to overcome shyness and fails. A shy person may be discouraged in the event they continually try to overcome shyness but fail to satisfactorily engage in social interaction. By reading the stories, tips, and strategies that these people used, a shy person can obtain useful lessons to overcome shyness. The reader can put themselves in the shoes of the writer and explore the path to overcoming shyness, which can later be implemented in real life.

Shyness is a problem that inhibits social interactions. Shyness can stop an individual from achieving their potential because they lack the confidence to take opportunities or lack the necessary skills to take part in a wholesome social interaction. Some people exhibit outgoing nature in some situations while in others they are shy. This has been attributed to playing of roles depending on whose reputation is on the line. Books have been established to be a good strategy in beating shyness. To begin with, books give knowledge that builds understanding and confidence, which are effective tools in overcoming shyness. In addition, books provide strategies and tips on how to beat shyness and provide the shy person with the necessary information that will enable them get thorough social interactions.

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