Essay Example on a Concept of the American Dream

Published: 2019-05-15
Essay Example on a Concept of the American Dream
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A concept of the American dream is a key concept of life in the United States of America, but there is no precise definition of this notion. Different people treat the American dream in different ways, according to their own life guidelines and wishes. In general, the American dream is understood as a complex of Americans ideals of life which include not only material objects but also the ideals of justice, moral and verity. Freedom in all spheres of personal and commercial life, and a great amount of possibilities to realize their talents, potentials, no matter what origin or a social status you have - thats what the American dream is. It is an idea which unites the American nation and gives them one and more or less the same aim. This aim is a guide for the future successful development of the country. As an incentive, the American dream motivates people to action by means of showing open horizons of opportunities, which everyone can reach if he wants to. It is a keystone to success of the American democracy.

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A concept of the American dream appears in the life of America during the period of a great depression at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is very symbolic and can be easily explained. At that times the American people have been losing all their hopes for the better future, they were depressed and needed an inspiration. The American dream became a great inspiration for them, firstly because it was based on the principles of the Declaration of Independence of the USA, which proclaims that all the people are equal in their possibilities and rights. But, originally, it traces back to the European imigrants who came to America in order to free from the shackles of superstition and prejudice and to find a better future. Actively using this concept in the political speeches, presidents a leadership of the country have firmly fixed in peoples mind an idea of it. The American dream turned to be a perfect drive to success because the main point of it is a so called self-made person, who works hard and gets a high reward for his labor. So, it is a personal run to success. The most important thing is that the American dream is an ideal of truth and justice and it cannot be achieved by deception or a dishonest way of making money its not even needed because an American country provides all the opportunities for the fair work and ensures remuneration for the work of each.

The American dream aroused a spirit of the American nation and helped it to cope with great economical troubles. To become a successful, all-sufficient and respectful person has become the aim of their life. The American dream is based not only on the messages of the Founding fathers, but also on the religion of the country. Most of the Americans are Protestants and the Protestants work ethic suggests a diligent and honest labor. But people hadnt got a stable motive for realization these principles. Since the American dream appeared in their life, the Americans have got a standard of a happy lifestyle and the American democracy seems to give them an opportunity for it. Moreover, it means that poor people, despite of their origin, nationality, religion or principles of life can make himself a respectful member of the American society. Ideally, the United States of America prove that the American dream is real by the democratic way of development of the country and by promoting the ideals of liberty. But in fact, lots of problem exist in the country and these problems destroy the reality of achieving an American dream. These problems appear nowadays not as frequently as it was in the previous century, but they are mostly connected with a fact that the USA is a multinational country and for immigrants the principles of democracy sometimes do not work.

As the American nation is a consumer society nowadays, representations about the American dream are changing into the more material ones. Presently a great part of the Americans identify the American dream only with a lot of money, a good profitable job, a beautiful own house, built using their own money, a pretty wife ( or a handsome husband), two children, a dog and friendly neighbors. But a moral and a spiritual basis of this concept determines an American self-consciousness, moves a progress of the American society evoking a healthy ambition, encourages people to earn money honestly. The American dream is a goal, a creed and a way of life of Americans.

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