Essay Sample on Environmental Politics as a Source of Conflicts

Published: 2017-10-25
Essay Sample on Environmental Politics as a Source of Conflicts
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Due to the increased population growth and industrialization levels within the nations, there has cropped a lot of environmental politics as the policymakers are straining to overcome the conflicts. Issues related to climate change, the depletion of the ozone layer, change of land use as the people try to clear land for agriculture and settlement, or even other issues related to overfishing due to increased demographic demands, have really heightened the drive for policy makers to address. Further, these conflicts have inflicted an overall decline of the economy; Social relations have been disrupted; and in general, there has been grave effects on the general social being due to the scarcity in the environmental resources necessary for survival that is becoming more rampant.

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Political policymakers within the government sectors at times greatly contribute to this conflicts. For instance, policies may tend to favor some members of the public more than they favor others. Of interest also, there has been depletion of natural resources which has resulted to increased migration of people. The major cause of the depletion can be attributed to climate change which affects production. For instance, excessive flooding is can be attributed to global warming which definitely leads to displacement of great portions of the population and not to forget this disrupts production in the affected places for instance through enhanced soil erosion and also destruction of important facilities f production. Even worse, as already mentioned, the resulting migration causes demographic pressures in the destination of the migrated population.

Consequently, in a bid to understand the complexity of the matter, there is a need to study the existing environmental conflicts. A study and understanding of the conflicts can help establish a better approach of avoiding the same through better political policymaking and thus help save our degrading environment.

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