Essay Sample: Qualities of a Good Salesperson

Published: 2018-01-25
Essay Sample: Qualities of a Good Salesperson
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Top salespersons have shared traits that enable them to fit for the top position in the company. For instance, integrity which is associated with sales people is essential to CEOs since they need, to be honest with their leadership. Salespeople are strategic thinkers as they need to evaluate on how to approach certain markets with different buyers, the challenges they do encounter and how to overcome them, a trait that favors them when they became CEOs (Mache,2007).

Question 2

Top-performing salespeople need to be enthusiastic so as to remain positive even during difficult times such as reduced sales. Setting big goals is an essential quality for salespeople as they can be able to visualize the set target, find out how to achieve it and work on daily actions to accomplish the goals. Additionally, top sellers need to be hard workers since they are emphatic in getting new businesses and should pursue it. They vision more consistently, interact with a lot of individuals and participate in presentations frequently. Lastly, salespeople just like in other person’s experiences a lot of obstacles, and they should work towards finding a solution to this obstacles. As such, persistent as a quality thrives them through such situations (Mache, 2007).

Question 3

Salespeople should be given a supportive framework that enables them to adopt an efficient and modern sales behavior that encourages their individual initiative or creativity rather than suppressing them. Salespeople are individuals that directly interact with customers, and they directly feel how consumers perceive a product. Empowering will enable the salesperson to come up with decisions while on the ground since they understand the customers better (Mache,2007).


Mache, C. (2007). The Four Kinds of Sales People: How and Why They Excel- And How You Can Too. John Wiley & Sons.

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