What Is Social Power Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-18
What Is Social Power Essay Example
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Social power definition

Social power involves the control of managing the behavior of people as part of the authority that is perceived as legitimate based on various social structures that are present in the society. The incorporation of social power in the society can either be upward or downward depending on the kind of authority that is present at that particular time. On the other hand, inequality is the different sizes, circumstances, and degree that individuals face in every day lives in the society because of the kind of authority imposed on the people. Social power and inequality affect people of depending on age, sex, and race. The concepts of social power and inequality have different levels of impact in the society depending on the kind of authority that is present (Lenski, 2013).

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Social power and inequality have expanded in the society today because of differences and unequal opportunities in wealth distribution, access to health care, schools, fossil extraction and degraded environment. The differences in the way people handle various interests related to the opportunities above have generated separation and isolation in the community. The isolation continues to expand while generating mixed feelings because it causes high poverty levels and the distinction between the rich and the poor. Different countries and governments have implemented various strategies on how to deal withy social power and inequality, which has not completely solved the problem (Jaggar, 2015). Besides, poor quality of life because of the effects of social power and inequality has promoted and established rebellion groups in some communities as part of resistance and emergence of social change groups. The mushrooming of rebellion groups and communities affect the operations of the society because of intense tension and lack of proper coordination in management and developmental agendas from the government. The rebellious groups of people that emerge consist of people of different ages, race, and sex.

Concepts of Social Power and Inequality

Wealth accumulated by a few people in the society attracts rebellion and theft in the society because of inequality issues. Wealth accumulated by a few people in the society transforms into political powers through local elites who shape rules and decisions (McCarthy, 2014). The decisions and rules developed and shaped by the elite groups do not consider other people welfare is attracting various challenges, which bring unjust practices and unequal status quo. The powerless in the society are victimized, and the rules change to make them more vulnerable and unable to make decisions in the society. The changes made as part of the rules create more obstacles to participation contributing to internalize and unjust practices to other people in the society. The differences generated attract war and lack of respect to each other because of unequal opportunities and patterns of wealth in the society (Jaggar, 2015). The major concepts of social power and inequality that affect people of all ages, race and sex include unequal access to healthcare and education, jeopardized economy and societies and wealth distribution in the communities. The difference in the way people enjoy resources and facilities generate hunger and cruelty in the society from different people causing havoc and unrest in the society. Challenges in wealth distribution and abilities create disturbance in the society and lack of commitment to the set rules crimpling the normal livability and relationships’ that attracts civic war and cross-cutting ambitions on ways of survival in the society.

Additionally, unequal patterns of wealth distribution because of social power and inequality challenge relationships’ and ways of handling commitments to various trends in life (Hurst, Gibbon, & Nurse, 2016). Besides, people of different ages, race, and sex turn against each other because of lack of proper wealth distribution and abilities to enjoy freedom and resources in the society. Furthermore, high unequal opportunities inhibit participation while increases political participation without considering all people. The differences promote and attract unequal participation into societal aspects and elements to manage people feelings. Social power and inequality have influenced people lives and ways of managing resources creating unrest and sometimes death because of wars and unclear hate among people of various societies.


Social power and inequality affect the ways of life and ability to manage resources properly in the society. It is important for governments and authorities to consider equal wealth distribution and resources as part of solving societal injustices and attraction of peaceful coexistence among people in the society. The need to have an equal distribution of resources among people of all ages, sex, and race allows for equal participation and distribution of resources in the society that promotes life and development.


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