Paper Example. Harden, a Bastion Host

Published: 2023-01-19
Paper Example. Harden, a Bastion Host
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In this case, the bastion hose will serve a unique purpose in the network with a distinctive design and configuration to make sure that it withstands any form of security attack. The bastion host will have fewer applications installed in the computer, only the software firewall which will make sure that the system is designed in such a way that it is hardened. The different rules which will be set will be aimed at making the network more secure (Zhao & Guo, 2018). This is primarily done because the host is located in a demilitarized zone (DMZ), in this case, access from other computers or networks that are untrusted might affect the way that the network.

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In the DMZ, the network contains servers which are accessible publicly, a network in this region is isolated from the internal network system, but it is not separated from the public in the outside network. For this reason, there is a need to develop rules to secure the network (Mihalos, Nalmpantis & Ovaliadis, 2019). A firewall system is a system which helps in isolating one network from the other network, in this case, the firewall will carry out packet filtering, proxying of the application layer and controlling the access of the network.

In this case, the firewall will be used to separate the various areas of the network; the following interfaces will be used. An interface for establishing a connection to the internet, this interface will be assigned a low-security level. An interface that will allow the connection of the network to the DMZ, this is the location where the public servers are situated, and the security level that is assigned in this case is medium.

An interface which allows access to the internal network will also be used, the security level that will be assigned in this case will be high. The rules for the firewall in this case include;

  • The access of servers from the high-security level, to the low-security level, access is permitted.
  • The access of servers from a low-security level to a high-security level, access is denied.
  • Access between servers that are within the same security levels, the access, in this case, is denied.

With these rules, the traffic which will be flowing through the firewall will be allowed in cases where:

  • Devices which are in the internal network to the DMZ, the remote devices, and the internet.
  • Devices that are in the DMZ to the organization's tools and the internet.

The TCP wrappers should be used when there is a need to have access control. The TCP wrappers are used to filter the access that individuals have to the network. For the TCP wrappers to control the access that individuals have to the server, the TCP wrappers will allow the bastion host to be used as a token that will filter the requests of access which are sent to the servers.

The TCP wrappers contain the different configurations that can be used to control the different ways that the server is accessed and the various individuals who can have access to the server (Rahalkar, 2016). In this case, the TCP wrappers can be used in situations where access to the server need to be restricted and access controlled. The access directives handled by the TCP wrappers will allow for the having controlled access of the server.


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