Psychology Thought Paper, Free Example for Students

Published: 2022-09-16
Psychology Thought Paper, Free Example for Students
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There is a significant role in the involvement of emotion and motivation in the development of intergroup conflict, tolerance, as well as social exclusion. However, the idea concerning "collective identity and action" is an idea that I recognize. Through the developments of the concept of collective identity and action, it delivers the ideology on the relationship between individual behavior and the social environment by expanding on the involvement of an individual as a social factor. In the application of the reading into my idea, I believe there has been a significant shift especially pertaining the social changes and how they equally affect an individual in different aspects. For example, with the development of the group based self-regulation approach, there are varying happening and specific feelings especially on the factors of intergroup relations that lead to social change among other occurrences. In a majority of the cases, collective identity takes position and dominance in the interaction with other individuals (intragroup cooperation). To me, this means that, for an individual to gain status, there is a need for the existence of recognition from another individual. With that, it creates the idea of identity and brings about the concept of social recognition with the collective identity.

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However, I believe the idea of collective identity and action is one that delivers a definite recognition of individual attributes majorly through interaction with other individuals. With the great need to understand the involvement of social creation and personal behavior, it sets out my thoughts since they are equally related. Correspondingly, different attribute and occurrences deliver a significant impact especially on the interaction between collective identity and action. For example, as Otten, Sassenberg, and Kessler (2009) set out, the notion of respect is one of the significant occurrences delivering a substantial influence to the structure in the role of social recognition in identity and associates it the overall individual behaviors that may influence people. Respects creates a boundary to the levels of influence which in return render a significant impact especially by providing a collective identification and willingness to engage in intragroup cooperation.

Nonetheless, I feel comfortable and influenced by the idea about collective identity and action. Collective identity delivers a strong power especially in the contexts of social change and development. For instance, collective identity provides a connection between social and individual by importing social into an individual who later on enables the person to understand how to act socially based on the attributes of identity and action. Moreover, I feel influenced by the ideas of respect, collective identity, and intragroup cooperation since it typically draws insight into the different approaches and theories of social psychology such as self-perception theory and social identity theory that categorize the effects of perception, behavior, and attitudes in different occurrences.

To sum everything up, I agree with the details of Otten, Sassenberg, and Kessler (2009). Through the aspects of the research. The relationship of collective identity, respect, and intragroup cooperation are occurrences acting as motivational powers especially through social action. An individual may develop a sense of belonging through various activities attributed to a particular group. For example, an individual who smokes create a sense of belonging by smoking together. Although they might have their differences, the act of smoking delivers a collective identity and action.


Otten, S., Sassenberg, K., & Kessler, T. (Eds.). (2009). Intergroup Relations: The Role of Motivation and Emotion (A Festschrift for Amelie Mummendey). Psychology Press.

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