Student Leader Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-25
Student Leader Essay Sample
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Student leader role

Leadership is a critical tool that is useful both for individuals gunning for self-employment as well as for those aspiring to work in big corporations. Individuals who participate in student leadership activities, therefore, have a lot to gain with regard to their future careers.

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Student leadership activities may improve one’s time management skills. A student who is a leader, whether in a club or a student umbrella body, has to juggle between their studies and making sure that everything runs smoothly where they are the leader. Over time, such time management activities, including planning and allocating time for different activities for a whole year become critical skills. When they eventually secure a job or begin a project in their own workplace, they will be conversant with time management. They will be able to plan and strategize for activities long before they are to be carried out. This would improve the chances of success of projects, and in turn career.

In the course of student leadership, the people involved often have to deal with a wide range of people. These could be seniors at the university, in the form of the administration. It could also be a large number of students who depend on the leadership of the individual in question for direction. Over time, repeated interactions with people from different walks of life would hone one’s negotiation and people management skills. Negotiation skills are critical in any career. Whether it is negotiating a starting salary or a deal for one’s company, having the experience to spell out one’s expectations clearly, while understanding the opposing party’s position is a critical skill. Participating in student leadership activities offers an opportunity to learn how to interact with both peers and seniors.

Communication skills could also be enhanced through student leadership activities. Being a student leader may demand regular public speaking. Public speaking can build one’s confidence. It can also improve one’s ability to articulate ideas, both to individuals as well as large gatherings. Following student leadership responsibilities, an individual who has been participating in public speaking events regularly would not have a challenge presenting reports and proposals to peers and seniors at the workplace. In addition, if one is seen to be comfortable taking on a challenge, they are likely to be selected for any leadership positions emerging at the workplace, even among peers, setting them up for more rapid career progression and development.

Numerous skills guarantee one's success at a career. Although careers exist in a wide range of industries, certain basic skills are critical across the board. These include communication, time-management, interpersonal skills, public speaking, among others. Such skills are critical in everyday situations with clients and seniors. Student leadership activities offer risk-free avenues for gaining and honing such skills.

Student leadership considerably helps a person’s career. Someone who engages in students’ leadership activities is several steps ahead of his peers in career progression and development. They have networks, confidence, and a number of fundamental skills that will make their navigation of the workplace much more effortless.

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