Creative Writing Essay Example: The Desert Puzzle

Published: 2022-09-20
Creative Writing Essay Example: The Desert Puzzle
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The hot midday desert sun was relentless, Jonathan had nowhere to take shelter. It seemed that there was no place for him to hide from the sun's harsh scorching. But how did Jonathan let himself into a desert? Without friends but all rocks? How did he let himself in such a severe situation? I wondered. Overworked and tired, Jonathan's mind was mentally exhausted, he thus decided to sit on one of the most abundant rocks he found nearby. Seemingly, his mind was wiped away; he could barely remember how I found myself in such a confusing situation.

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"Help! Anyone to offer help, Help!" Jonathan asked desperately, he stood up and run helplessly around the desert, screaming in anguish. However, he could barely understand himself because of the vast openness of the desert as well as the sheer opposing wind that distracted his sound (Weir 12). Behind Jonathan was a voluminous sky that was deep blue, the sky stretched all over the horizon. Jonathan thought he was in hell.

Jonathan was certainly hysterical. With no one to help and no means of communication, Two years ago, Jonathan and his parents who were both scientists decided to visit and explore Mass. It is during this period that scientists claimed that Mars was appropriate for farming. They, therefore, had visited Mars to ascertain the scientific claims.

Mars was deserted, there were also claims that aliens existed, however, as explorers their guiding rule number one was to explore and explore, this meant that while being conscious of the existing security challenges, the still had to survive. Jonathan had however decided to pursue a different career path from their parents; he was a soldier as well as an expert driver who had specialized in desert driving (Leavy 8). Before exploring Mars, Jonathan had visited other areas in a desert mission such as shipping medical aid to Egypt from Libya where he had to pass through a vast desert and waterless expanse.

Today, however, the case was different. Jonathan's car could not move, the vast volume of sand averted and controlled any movement. As he sat down on the largest rock after desperately looking for someone to help, he started remembering by bit what had happened. Four days ago, Jonathan's parents decided to explore deep into the Mars. Their vehicle was equipped with all the necessary equipment including medicine, radio equipment that connected them with the NASA offices on Earth, sufficient food, and other numerous items that they had thought was critical during the travel.

Jonathan was the most experienced driver but certainly not on Mars. The environment here was different and google maps were not sufficient compared to what he used back on earth. However, he had to help his parents explore Mars and see whether it was possible to live a life on Mars, whether it was possible for humankind to survive on Mars. As they were traveling, their vehicle accidentally hit a stone that they could barely see before due to the vast amount of sand that also moved opposite their direction (Weir 14). Everything with the car burns in the burst all in exception of Jonathan. The parents were trapped at the back seats of the vehicles and could not survive the increasing fire eruption. Jonathan had however managed to run out of the vehicle before the actual time in which the cockpit got licked the engine caught fire right after Jonathan jumped out of the vehicle.

Jonathan was not only surprised but also felt desperate. The toxic smoke from the vehicle added to the increasing dunes that blew towards him greatly chocked him into tears. Frustrated, Jonathan took his kneels and buried his face in his hands because the sand was increasingly affecting him. He wondered how he could get out of these challenges. He was so certain that his parents could not have survived the accident because they had their seat belts strongly on thus were not able to free as Jonathan did.

Jonathan could not help but remember how he bedded and kissed his girlfriend Sherline goodbye. As well as his promise to come back while safe. Jonathan and Sherline had dated since their years in high school, four years later, they were, in fact, planning for their wedding and had informed their parents on their planned marriage. However, at this moment, Jonathan could not help but wish away all those dreams, he was fighting life to survive all alone with all the equipment destroyed, he could neither communicate or move (Graham 21). His only accomplices in the journey the parents had burnt into ashes after the accident. Jonath frequently looked at the remains of the cars trying to figure out what could have happened. He also feared moving out of this place because he had heard that there were aliens within Mars as such, moving anywhere closer meant that he would experience the works of this day.

On searching his pockets, he only found that he had a knife and a map. This sighed him a deep sign of hope. While Jonathan was an army man, he was not that courageous, in fact, he only went on missions that were dispatched based on the non-optional role. In this circumstance though, there was no chance for him to back off, he had to face up the reality as a brave man.

According to the map, the North of Mars lay the aliens, the West and the South were also dangerous areas as it was believed dangerous animals lived there. As such, Jonathan only had one secure way that is the East to survive and find a way that Jonathan would communicate with NASA on earth to send assistance. Also, since the East was safe to test, Jonathan so hoped that hewould find other astrologists who would help me find my way back or take me back to earth. However, although we already had driven for only four hours, Jonathan believed that the journey to the East would consume a minimum of six days, this mission was certainly impossible because he had not food neither water or any instrument of communication, Jonathan was prepared for dying anytime but he pursued to fight my way and die like a brave man, at least for once.

The sun's rays on Mars also greatly penetrated and severely burnt Jonathan's skin. His face, as well as the neck, were all made up of red dots that had scattered. However, Jonathan creatively thought that since during the day the environment was harsh, unfriendly and the journey was long, he decided to travel during the cold night as this would preserve more of his energy. He would rest during the day and walk during the night.

Jonathan sat at the large stone that was laying on a large dune, the day was shielded by strong sunlight. While facing the boundless planet Mars and the large desert, he felt empty and desperate. He was in isolation with noting left (Weir 15). He yarned for drinking water, but every source of it was vaporized. He felt like he was in a death valley where he was greatly suffocated with silence with only rare occasional sounds of wind crept into his eardrums.

As he lay there desperately, not knowing what to do next, he saw approaching an approaching light from afar. It was the astrologists, their systems had detected an incoming object, and they had come to ascertain what it has been. Jonathan was more than happy as he loudly yelled "Hello, Hello, Help'. His legs were however trapped in the sand and could barely move, but he kept screaming until the astrologists saved him (Graham 27). Jonathan was weak; it became exceedingly difficult for him to breath without the help of oxygen cylinders that the astrologists offered to him. The moment he was lifted, he realized how faint and exhausted his body felt. His eyes burst out into tears. He could not believe that he survive the ordeal that took away his parents and treated also to take away his life.

Jonathan could barely speak, he only sobbed quietly. Certainly, this was going to be the best moment of his life. He had not enough energy for him left to stand again but with proper medical facilitation, he would later walk. He had finally found an avenue that would help him out of Mars unfortunately without his parents whom he had accompanied.

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