Essay Example on Issues in Society Arose Due the Internet and Social Media

Published: 2023-01-03
Essay Example on Issues in Society Arose Due the Internet and Social Media
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Ideally, the spark that once gleamed around social media and the internet is no longer in play since human beings have had the opportunity to understand, root out, and outline the flaws within the system. Indeed, Marche's research is quite captivating especially on the coverage of epidemic facelessness. First, Marche (7), not only tackles the flaws of the internet and social media such as trolling, fake-news, and cyber-bullying but tries to analyze the reasons as to why online facelessness is a psychological issue. The esteemed author was right since facial representation has much to do with identity formation.

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Indeed, according to Marche (19), "And from the infinity of the face comes the sense of inevitable obligation, the possibility discourse, the origin of the ethical impulse." In simple terms, Marche's idea is supported by psychologist James Marcia's structural interview established to classify youths into one of the fours identity scopes that include identity diffusion, identity foreclosure, identity moratorium and identity achievement (Lander & Butcher 3). Besides, the faceless character and identity are directly linked to identity diffusion since it opposes achievements and reflects on a personality with an unresolved identity crisis, disorganized thinking, procrastination, and stocking properties (Lander & Butcher 2-3). In other words, the research conducted by Marche is one that explores different levels of psychological theories of identity formation.

Also, I agree with Marche's argument that states "the face is the key to the sense of inter-subjectivity, linking mimicry and empathy through mirror neurons - the brain mechanism that creates imitation even in non-human primates" (10). The argument is essential since it assists in illustrating the changeable properties of the face affects the identity of recognition. In other terms, the front has been the identity of empathy and ethics, and in the case of a situation where facelessness is the norm and standard of the day, the area lacks the integrity of order and biological and cultural ethics; thus, promoting a world full of chaos, fear, and intimidation.

To some extent the author highlights an artificial world; for example, the Marche states that "a disconnected drifting in a world of groundless artificiality" (13). Also, Marche terms facelessness as the social phase that lacks control or preventive measure. Indeed, the argument contradicts the element proposed political problem since it seems to limit the aspects of freedom of speech and expression when people who get involved in trolls, as well as threatening messages, get arrested and incarcerated for sharing out how they feel about an event or story. In simple terms, Marche has failed to identify if facelessness is a political or social issue.

The reality is that social media and the internet are part of the millennial reign, and it is advisable to embrace its pros as well as its cons as a means of containing and find solutions to all associated issues. For example, the topic of ethics and empathy have a role to play in one's life, and for example, they assist in determining the length at which the faceless are will to go to drive their points. With the implementation of empathy and ethics, all technology users need to know, understand and acknowledge their boundaries since by doing so they will have better means of finding solutions to identity diffusion since these topics cover cognitive behavior, cognitive biases and shaping the virtual environment.

Indeed, the idea of using compassion as a troll management mechanism is entirely new, but it lacks some elements that can establish a complete preventive mechanism. For example, the idea of arguing with trolls and making it stronger directly affects the approach of influencing guests as well as friends. According to Marche, compassion needs discipline, and the best way of implementing it is by intervening early as a means of stopping the bad behavior (22). Next, is to ensure that once a campaign is posted on social media, the user needs to self-manage his or her community. A well-established community that abides by the values and norms of a campaign will always defend its population, and the best way of solving trolls within a community is to address it and not the composer (O'Donnell). Ideally, another approach is to ensure that the behavioral issues; thus, the community leader needs not to focus on the right and wrong properties of the troll but promote clear feedbacks on the intended behavior by staying true to the values and principles of the community (O'Donnell).


To sum it up, after reading Marche's article, it came to my notice that the advancement of technology through social media and the internet has exposed human beings to psychosocial, social, and political issues. The information got from the article can assist in understanding the psychological traits of faceless villains on the social media platform and roots of their mental issue. Moreover, the information can assist in addressing social problems faced by humans because of the internet and social media, for example, cyber-bullying, troll, and threats. Finally, such information promotes the fact that facelessness is a social and political problem; therefore, a solution can be retrieved by understanding the social and political components of the problem and then implementing policies to control such illegal acts.

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