Movie Review Essay Sample, Free Example

Published: 2022-10-18
Movie Review Essay Sample, Free Example
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Original Pitch

The film depicts a group of high school students searching for their lost friend in the forest after the wildfires in California. It is a one and half hour independent film like Hunger Games, but they are searching for their friend, and the undercover truth instead kills each other in the forest. The film is timely because it happens two years before 2018 the deadly wildfires in California. In the film, public concerns on wildfire ashes containing toxic hazards and atmospheric conditions are trending. In this film, Charlie, Sam, Ashely, and Vee are the students from Paradise high school who have different ethnical background with each other (Sam is African American, and Vee is Asian). They are close friends who share the same interests in adventures. One day, Charlie shows the others a news story about the founding of unknown creatures in the forest near their school. The rest of the group immediately decides to break into the government blocked forest to get some pictures of unknown creatures so that they can post on their adventure websites. While they are looking for the unknown creatures, Sam sees some footprints he has never seen before. Sam then follows the footprints into the other side of the forest alone, because he wants to impress others by finding the first unknown creatures himself. The rest of the group realizes Sam is missing after they heard the screaming of Sam. Hence, they start looking for Sam, and they find out some abounded sites of burned houses which still have signs of living people. While they are investigating the houses, they encounter the people who are suffering from the hazardous substance in the air. Due to the long time exposure to the hazardous substance, the survivors look horrible and "mutated."

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Those survivors are hiding here because they have been forced to be the subjects for human experiments run by the government. They attacked Sam because they are afraid, then they take Sam back to the group and lead the students a way out of the woods. This film aims to be a low-budget independent film that would release on streaming OTT services such as Netflix, etc.

The OTT service subscribers are slightly well educated, and their subscription is stable. This independent film focused or reveals the truth and highlighted the severe problem of climate change that ruins people's daily life. The film does not require many computer-generated images that most scenes can be shot without special effects. Moreover, the majority of the scenes are in the forest and school. Thus the film will not cost much for sites. Main characters are four teenagers. Therefore, the casts will be new faces with less salary.

Transmedia brand extension pitch

Four high school students who are passionate about adventure become friends with each other, and they dig out the secrets of their high school principal's undercover evil background.

This is a short school adventure television comedy that represents daily high school life. It is like the high school drama Buffy the Vampire Slayer but more entertainment and combines some of the science fiction components. The four students, Charlie, Sam, Ashley, and Vee accidentally see the school principal doing evil experiments on students, and then they decide to save the school from the principal. This serialized straightforward drama is a low budget television shows that aiming for OTT service. This series would end around ten episodes with same casts of the original film so the payment will be less than the film. This drama happens within the school, and it does not require any computer-generated images and special effects.

Discussion of audiences

The original film targets the younger audience especially high school and college students among 18-49 demographics who are interested in adventure and science fiction stories.

This demographic group has the most spending power and the OTT service streaming subscribers are slightly more educated than other groups. This film has four different races which relate Asian American and African American audiences to the film as well.

The transmedia text mainly targets 12-17 demographic groups because it is a high school based straightforward television comedy that draws high school students. The target audience here is different than the target audience of the original pitch because this series of a television show is a teenager based comedy. The scripts are straightforward for high school students, and the story is about high school students' daily life.

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