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Published: 2018-02-25 08:27:08
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Help child abuse

Children need to be cared for and protected. Society believes that children are safest when they are with their parents and other adults because their natural instinct is to ensure the well-being of the child. Research has, however, shown that many of the abuses that children suffer are perpetrated by those closest to them. Adults, including parents, can abuse children for years unhindered. This often happens because many children lack the courage to come forward and report such issues to parties that may offer help. It becomes even more difficult to discover such abuses when they are carried out by close family members. There are various ways in which child abuse by adults can be prevented.

Parents and learning institutions should teach children about their rights. Children can develop an improved sense of awareness about their rights when they are taught that they are special and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Many children grow up with the understanding that it is only adults that have rights. It creates an environment in which children believe that they should obey every instruction issued by adults and anything to the contrary is seen as lack of respect. When children understand that they have rights, they can be motivated to report abusers because of the knowledge that the actions of these abusers amounts to an abuse of their individual rights. 

Adults should examine their behaviors towards children in order to determine whether they have been abusive. In some cases, adults can abuse children without knowing that they are actually doing so. Abuse is not just physical and sometimes the utterances of a parent can be hurtful to a child. Emotional abuse is just as bad as physical abuse because the child may grow up with self-esteem issues. It is essential for adults to take a step back and examine their behaviors especially towards children to prevent cases of abuse. 

Parents should avoid putting their children in situations in which they can be abused. It is critical to minimize situations in which a child is left alone with an adult that can abuse her or him. For instance, a parent with a daughter should avoid leaving the child alone with an adult male relative or friend. Since most abusers are usually related to the child, this will reduce the chances of children being harmed by relatives. It is an effective prevention measure that ensures that the child is always out of harm’s way.

In conclusion, it is possible to prevent children from being abused by adults. Parents can work on educating children about their rights in order to drive them to stand up for themselves. Adults can also examine their behaviors towards children in order to determine whether they have been abusive. This is important in preventing verbal abuses that may cause the child to develop self-esteem issues. Parents should also avoid putting their children in situations in which they can be abused. This will help prevent children from being abused by close relatives and friends. 


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