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Communication Style

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Are you aware of your communication style? Communication is a fundamental aspect of human life and enables us to pass information and express our emotions. There are several styles of communication namely analytical communication, intuitive communication, functional communication, and personal communication. This report addresses three communication styles and explains how each one can be effective.

I completed the following communication surveys on analytical, intuitive, and personal communication,, and While doing the surveys, I found similar information in all the three surveys. For instance, all inquired about my reaction when angry. All the surveys aimed at my personal skills of communication and my listening skills when other people are speaking. Also, it was notable that all the questionnaires asked about my response to conflict.

From the first survey, I learned that it was important to get to finer details in the analytical style of communication. Analytical communication is useful in solving serious issues because it does not involve personal emotions and its focused on the fairness in addressing sensitive matters, (Mary Bucholtz, pg.1). In the intuitive communication, I learned that it was fundamental to listen to statements in linear order to avoid missing crucial information during communications. It is also important to have patience in communication to make it more efficient. Lastly; in the functional communication, I learned that hitting all the details makes communication efficient and easier to understand what has been communicated in the process.

From these surveys, I agreed with the results that I am an intuitive communicator, and I like to see the bigger picture rather than getting into details. I am a fast thinker, and I can figure the whole event just by hearing a brief explanation and the conclusion of a talk. Also; while communicating to people, I like heading straight to the point and making my statements as short as possible. This is to save my listeners a dull session due to a step by step kind of talks. I also fail to learn the emotions of the people I communicate with quite often.

My personal identity impacts my communication style because I am always fast at doing things and like to rush things. This result in brief talks with other people hence making me be perceived as an intuitive person. However, my style of communication does not align with whom I want to be recognized as because I always want to build healthy relationships with others; hence, my appropriate method would be the personal style of communication. I also tend to admire people who are always at the center of every communication and are always involved in many talks because of their emotional aspects. I always want to be the person to pick up communication vibes and initiate social talks to the people surrounding me and tune to their emotions. To achieve this, I need to change how I handle my communications with the immediate people and start to involve better communication skills in every talk that includes me.



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