Role of Social Media Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-22
Role of Social Media Essay Sample
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Over the last couple of centuries, it has become increasingly easy to access the internet. Some people have made the best out of the invention while others have misused it and abused it. A study has it that people between the age of 12-21 access the internet more than any other. This age bracket is primarily made up of the youths. The youths have become so immune to being able to communicate a message with just the tap of a screen that they can have a conversation under the same roof without uttering a word. Mark Bauerlein has termed this generation “the dumbest generation.” Most the youths today only use technology around the social media circles. The youths are currently living a life full of misplaced priorities. They have gone as far as neglecting things that matter the most such as school, sports and family which portrays them as people they are not. Cyber-bulling is very common with the youths which leads to suicidal thoughts and depression of their victims. The social media has basically sidetracked our youths into comparing themselves with socialites and people the portray as “gods.” Their thinking has been deluded to the extent that they start changing the way they look just to be at least next in appearance to what their” gods” look.

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On the flip side, there are also some positive influence that comes with social media. Some youth peers use social media as an outlet to share positive thoughts. It is just another way of expressing one self. It is at your youth stage that you want to know the kind of life you want for yourself. On social media this is very achievable through sharing with like-minded individuals. Social media is a way to connect, learn cultures of other people and maintain bonds. On the socio-economic aspect of youths, social media is a platform to develop social skills and make friends. For youth entrepreneurs, it provides a means to reach out to fellow youths and inform them of the venture which stimulates self –development, independence and economic growth. It is also a very informative tool on the current trends and development both locally and internationally. Media organizations in conjunction with social media counterparts have developed channels that provide comprehensive news coverage. This has made it possible for people to stay up to speed and react appropriately to developments.

In a nut shell, social media cannot in isolation be looked as a means to sidetracking the youths but also as means to making the youths better. Social media could not have come at a better time. It has come at a time when we most need it. The three main aspects of human life have to a great deal been positively influenced by social media. However, it has also contributed greatly to the wayward youths and “social media maniacs” we have today. It is therefore important for youths to be responsible and carry themselves with dignity as they conduct themselves around social media.


Brian J. Loebig, MBA (“How does Social Media Effect Youth?”)

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