Teamwork Reflection. Paper Example

Published: 2022-12-30
Teamwork Reflection. Paper Example
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Teamwork is essential in amalgamating different people with various skills and experiences together. I, therefore, have a strong belief that collaboration is capable of ensuring members can achieve a high degree of effectiveness and work efficiency. I also have the idea that it can improve work performance thus leading to outstanding output because the strengths of other team members are likely to overcome the weaknesses of others.

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Teamwork does not just happen, but it begins with goal setting, the creation of awareness, the establishment of trust, ensuring there are cooperation, team challenges and applications (Tjosvold & Tjosvold, 2015). The incorporation of these processes in teamwork builds team spirit among the members and also ensure there is unity of purpose among the teammates. The first step in building teamwork is goal setting. I support that goal setting in the most crucial step in teamwork, and I believe it is used in measuring whether the team is performing well as a group or not. Furthermore, I am sure it can help the team members to understand the kind of skill or aspect that they should incorporate to enhance teamwork spirit. Such elements include risk taking, communication, listening, trusting and leadership as these are essential skills required when working in teams.

I believe awareness is also essential when working in teams. It is an aspect which help team members get along with other members. It also creates a pleasant working environment where every team member can fit despite their diversity. Also, the absence of awareness cannot allow team members to appreciate one another. As a result, reducing respect, trust and openness that team members should have for one another. I therefore believe and trust that awareness must be created in the future when working in teams. For that matter, awareness ensures that members can easily have a debate on what action to take to achieve the group objectives.

I am also sure trust activities is also a vital step to take when building strong teamwork. Trust activities are essential in two ways. I am confident that it ensures that there is trust between the group members and individual team members (Al-Sahhaf & Gilani, 2004). Also, I have the opinion that other trust activities are created to ensure there is intellectual trust among the members. For that matter, I learned that trust is a vital thing that influences the success of a team. It is one thing that must be there to achieve the group goal although it is an aspect that members have the responsibility to create and nature for their survival. I also learned that cooperative activities are also essential when working in teams. It is an aspect that binds the members together. With corporative activities, members develop the desire to accomplish the group goals because there is a group effort and not because of the ability of one person.

I also learned that there is a need to have a group challenge when developing stronger teamwork. These are activities which are used in testing the potential of the group members thus are used as problem solving (Payne, 2006). They are responsible for providing a challenge where other team members or I believe they understand best. As a result, the group has to work in such a way that overcomes the challenge as a team not as an individual. Necessarily all the team members should work together when finding a solution to these problems by ensuring that each person provides his ability and potential to solve the problem. At the same time, a high level of interaction is also required for all members to foster a high level of equity and unity.

Notwithstanding it is also essential to ensure there is also an extended challenge which I believe is meant to enhance the capability of all the team members (Elkhammas, 2007). The widespread problem impressed me a lot as it made me feel to have improved my self-esteem, leadership ability, the value of group support, ability to take risks and high level of competency. For our team, we felt that would do things beyond our expectations thus allows all the group members to do things beyond what they initially expected from their effort.

Finally, the application is the final step that I learned is also very essential when building stronger teamwork in the future. It is necessary to complete this step because it helps all the team members to follow up what has been learned in other actions. It must also be completed to provide a guarantee to team members that the previous processes should be repeated. I, therefore, believe that these steps or procedures that must be completed when building stronger teamwork are the things, I learned to be most valuable to me. These areas have been essential for my learning because it enables me to understand how to build strong teamwork and the step to accomplish to ensure there is a successful team that can achieve the organizational objectives or goals. I, therefore, need to learn more about the solution to teamwork challenges in the future. I can learn these by working in well established teams which have developed mechanisms of solving their problems.


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