A Comparison Essay Example: Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Published: 2019-12-09
A Comparison Essay Example: Los Angeles and Las Vegas
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In the exposition, I will compare two cities namely Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In the last two years, I have visited both cities mainly on leisure and business trips and have had the chance to note a few similarities and differences existing between the cities. Los Angeles is best known as the center of the nation's film and television industry while Las Vegas is best known for its vibrant nightlife. However, comparable characteristics are existing between the two cities such as the current home prices, traffic madness, and crime rates. To complete the exposition, I will begin by comparing the two cities showing their similarities, and then showing their differences focusing on the weather, crowds, people, places, and the nightlife.

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Los Angeles has a Mediterranean climate, unlike Las Vegas that has a desert-like climate. Rainfall is scarce in Las Vegas and abundant in Los Angeles throughout the year; each time I visited Los Angeles there was some level of precipitation, but there was no one time it rained while I was in Las Vegas. Additionally, the two regions have different temperature levels with Las Vegas having the hottest climate; many of the times, I was forced to wear something light to avoid excessive perspiration.

During my visits to the two cities, I noted Las Vegas is more crowded at night compared to Los Angeles; Las Vegas comes to life at night, and people call it the Sin City due to the happenings that take place. However, according to Cox (2014), Los Angeles has an urban density of 6,999/sq mi while Las Vegas has an urban density of 4,425/sq mi indicating that Los Angeles is more populated than Las Vegas.

Regarding the population of people, the rank of Las Vegas stands at position thirty while that of Los Angeles stands at position two in a list of the most populous cities in the United States. People living in the two cities have no major differences except for the certain preferences they have in their lives. A majority of the people in Las Vegas are those that love fun and pleasure while those in Los Angeles love high-class and luxurious lifestyles.

Las Vegas has numerous clubs and casinos to visit and make merry; on the other hand, Los Angeles has peaceful places where one can go and relax as he or she reflects on life. I had the opportunity to visit the Hollywood sign location and had a beautiful view of the city. However, in Las Vegas, I got to try out new clubs and had the privilege of seeing artists I hear or see on the media performing live on stage.

Las Vegas has a reputation for its vibrant nightlife. People travel for miles just to have a feel of the nightlife experience; the numerous clubs and casinos make the city ideal for party lovers (Lecaro, 2012). On the other side, Los Angeles is not a preference for many people who want to have some fun; being located in the south of California and home to Hollywood and other major film industries hinders people from visiting the region due to the high costs of living.

In conclusion, both cities are awesome and great places to visit; however, ones preferences and tastes determine the effect each of the cities will have on him or her. On my case, I enjoyed visiting both cities and experiencing life from two angles; fun and luxury. None of the cities compares better or worse to the other; they are both great places with diverse experiences and lessons.


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