Globalization Definition Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-16
Globalization Definition Essay Example
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Pros and cons of globalization

Due to the interdependence of countries, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and multinational corporations have been created to deal with the particular issues which have been raised through global awareness. These organizations bring people together without any affiliations to governments. Moreover they can be either locally or globally-focused. Most of the international NGOs and corporations are focused on the issues that cut across borders in that they do not merely affect specific countries but affect the globe as a whole, for instance global climate change, energy use or world peace. Globalization has also led to better communication and transport across the globe leading to considerable growth opportunities for people from different nations. Similarly globalization has led to the spread of crucial new found knowledge in different fields across the globe. When there is a newly discovered invention it is not kept hidden or exclusively used by a specific people rather it spreads across the world for the benefit of all. To conclude the world today owes its immense growth and civilization to globalization and therefore globalization will always be regarded one of the best things the world has engaged in so far.

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