Racial Discrimination Essay Example for Your Free Use

Published: 2018-02-10
Racial Discrimination Essay Example for Your Free Use
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For a long time across the developed and developing nations, the issue of racial discrimination has always been the center of challenges destabilizing the peace and comfort humanity. The concern is so real and beyond dispute. This is one of the aspect of human life that cannot be even solved by education as many may suppose but through development of the sense of humanity which acknowledges and appreciates diversity as the strength of human race. According to Drew Hayden Taylor in his publication Pretty Like a White Boy in the year 1998, he tried to address the issue by pointing some of the instances in his life that he became a victim of racism. This paper therefore clearly summarizes the practical evidences of scenarios in the life of Taylor when and in specific occasions, when he felt that he's being discriminated. In addition to this, it also majors on the themes developed across the Taylors narration that are relevant to the topic and stem of the study (Taylor, 1998).

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Taylor begins his narration by acknowledging the fact that the world is full of billions of people from different walks of life who have different significance and of impact to the society in a positive way. He actually compares himself to a musician named Kermit and even affirms the fact that they are not different. Taylor states that he is a product of a white father and an Ojibway Mother. This explained why he was of the mixed race. The fact that he grew among the Indians made him different from the rest. At a tender age, whenever he played with friends, he was given specific roles that he never understood such as the cowboy. This was one of the bad roles that was associated with him for quite a long time until when he became of age. Basically, this is one of the common form of discrimination that’s usually faced by children, they tend to enjoy it, and in many cases it's even adjusted to the terms of socioeconomic level, (Buckley, 2001).

In his own encounter, Taylor claims that Indians were even in a position to question his nationality during auditions and even when he interacted with other friends from different races. He pointed out that the pinkness of his skin color was being pointed out to him whenever he walked around which is a sign of public racial discrimination. I personally tend to think that, it is a demonstration of legalizing racism which is a bad picture to the coming generation. He also noted the fact that the natives used to view him with a lot of suspicions, meaning that the natives never trusted him (Taylor, 1998). The most painful part of it is a woman using a small lady to find out the actual nationality of Mr. Taylor. This is a sign that from a very tender age children grew in an environment rotten with the social evil of racism making it one of the hardest problem to abolish among the people.


In conclusion, Taylor makes it very clear that the motive of his writing is not actually to seek sympathy from the people or because of the notion of being angry but because it is a wrong thing that majority fail to accept. The act of racial discrimination is very common among even the learned friends within the court of law, at times even the law makers failed to recognize their failures in propelling the wrong among the people. It is therefore important to understand the fact that people should come together and learn to appreciate our diversity and significance of each and every racial group in the life of others. Discrimination is nothing but a major threat to the stability and prosperity of the mankind.


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